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What no longer bothers you?

Gransnetters reveal the things they don't give a stuff about now that they're older. Like big bums. And flashing their underwear.

hair stylist

Win a hair makeover at the salon of celebrity stylist Errol Douglas MBE.


Cook up something new (and delish) - browse our recipes!

how grey do you go

How Grey do you go?

It's the film of the moment but how familiar are you with your <aherm> inner goddess? Take our quiz to find out.


Summertime Q&A

Author Vanessa Lafaye answers gransnetters' questions on the inspiration and history behind her hit novel.

no sugar!

Giving up sugar

The ultimate sugar free survival guide for even the most sweet toothed gransnetter. 

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celia imrie

Celia Imrie giveaway

Ahead of a live webchat, we're giving away 50 copies of the actress's new book Not Quite Nice. 

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Style Forever

Style Q&A with Alyson Walsh

Join us for a style Q&A with Style Forever author Alyson Walsh!

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The GN election survey

Take our political survey ahead of the General Election and you could win £100. 

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Tips for coping with widowhood

When Jan Robinson lost her husband she looked to other widows for help and advice. 

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hearing blog

The advantages of hearing aids

Irenelily on how facing up to a hearing problem improved her life...and her hearing!

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Dawn May

Gran interrupted: one year on

Dawn May returns to highlight the uncertainties of living with Parkinson's.

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Our childcare survey

How working parents really feel about grandparents looking after the children.

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