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girl flying

Taking the grandkids on holiday with you?

Here are some tips on how to keep them busy on the trip so you can you can kick back and <ahem> "relax".


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Recipes: Cook up something new (and delish)

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Man at the Helm Q&A

man at the helm

Nina Stibbe gives us the lowdown on her latest novel and why it's so sweary.

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Lipsticks with staying power

lipsticks that last

Sick of reapplying every half hour? Then you need at least one of these in your makeup bag...  

arrow How to remove facial hair   


Do you dream?

do you dream

Do you encourage your grandchildren to dream big, or have we forgotten how to do it?

arrow 10 things to teach your granddaughter 

Facial oils you need to know about

facial oils

Is your skin looking a bit lack lustre? Fast track to a healthy glow with these top facial oils... 

arrow Secret make-up tips for over 50s   



15 kitchen gadgets to make life easier

kitchen gadgets

Gransnetters recommend the genius devices you need to have in your kitchen... 

arrow Tips for decorating...Scandinavian style    


Statement jewellery guide


In need of some beautiful jewellery? Of course you are. Find all the best pieces here... 

arrow How to wear a fascinator 


Menopause with Dr Leonard

Dr Rosemary Leonard

Find some answers to your main concerns - be it HRT or hot flushes - at 1pm on Monday 10 August.

arrow A five minute guide to menopause 


The Gransnet guide to bikini lines

bikini babes

Make wispy worries a thing of the past with our handy guide to, err, pruning and such.

arrow Removing facial hair 


Top free travel apps

top travel apps

If you're going on holiday this year you'll definitely need to download these apps...  

arrow Beginner's guide to Airbnb   


Older People in the Media Awards

older people in the media

Once again, we want to find out who's really representing older people in the media.


Add your nomination here