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Non iron duvet covers.

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supermum48 Sat 23-Jun-12 18:02:14

Can anybody recommend a non iron duvet cover that really is non iron? I want to be able to machine wash, tumble dry and put straight back on the bed.

Er...ironing a duvet cover? I always just put them on without ironing and they look ok to me. Oops, am I just giving in to my inner slut? hmm

Annobel Sat 23-Jun-12 18:17:30

Join the club Wheniwasyourage . I don't iron bedding except sometimes pillow cases. No-one else is going to see them anyway.

greenmossgiel Sat 23-Jun-12 18:18:56

I don't think I've ever ironed a duvet cover, either! I hang mine out on the line, and by the time they've blown about a bit, and been hung over the airer they're perfect (enough for me, anyway)! smile

Notsogrand Sat 23-Jun-12 18:26:51

The only bedding items I have ever ironed are the pillow-cases that are hung up on Christmas Eve. smile

Bags Sat 23-Jun-12 18:29:50

They only get crumpled again straight away.

jeni Sat 23-Jun-12 18:32:42

I believe my cleaner does iron mine, at least she takes it into the room with the iron in it and stays there listening to musicconfused

Notsogrand Sat 23-Jun-12 18:32:59

.....and it's dark when you go to bed.

jeni Sat 23-Jun-12 18:34:07

We have electric light in N Somerset!smile

Bags Sat 23-Jun-12 18:35:51

It ain't dark here when I go to bed. In fact, it hardly gets dark at all in summer. Sun just goes behind the hills for a bit.

Winter makes up for it though.

But crumples in my duvet cover don't crumple my spirits.

jeni Sat 23-Jun-12 18:38:46

Ah! The white nights!

Anagram Sat 23-Jun-12 18:41:28

Shouldn't need ironing if you tumble dry them. I haven't ironed anything for years...

granjura Sat 23-Jun-12 18:43:46

Right I'll own up on this one. One of life's luxuries I do care for is freshly ironed pure cotton high count thread sheets. Bliss.

Ariadne Sat 23-Jun-12 18:44:29

My duvet covers are cotton, and while I wouldn't iron them, my cleaner does. So they are all crisp and lovely for one night at least. ( And I have explained about my cleaner lots of times!)

jeni Sat 23-Jun-12 18:54:37

Mine gets dried by hanging over the bannister if the weathers bad, outside if good!
I'm Eco friendly I am!

nanaej Sat 23-Jun-12 19:03:27

Iron... confused

kittylester Sat 23-Jun-12 19:30:00

I fold mine into quarters and steam iron the two top surfaces, if you see what I mean, the rest seems to benefit! I also have cushions and a throw on top (I believe it's called drawing the eye!) so there isn't much actual cover to see! I do wish there was a 'clean bed every day' fairy, like the one that puts stuff in the dishwasher, only not me!

numberplease Sat 23-Jun-12 19:44:12

I`m another who folds and irons the two exposed sides, same with sheets, I do iron pillowcases though.

nelliedeane Sat 23-Jun-12 19:57:23

Not on your Nellie grin

j04 Sat 23-Jun-12 20:01:21

You know Supermum, the one I paid around a hundred pounds for from John Lewis (supposed to be easy-care cotton) is a bugger to iron, and looks not good if you don't. But the one I bought from a huge warehouse cheapie store for nine pounds, doesn't need touching with an iron. It's a very soft poly-cotton. Nice to sleep under.

So, perhaps go for the cheapest.

greenmossgiel Sat 23-Jun-12 20:02:26

Not on my nellie, either, nellie!! grin

Bez Sat 23-Jun-12 20:30:02

I confess to ironing mine - the cotton one is a swine to iron and I am never completely satisfied with the result - I have a very good pressured steam iron too - I do quite enjoy ironing - or at least seeing the pile when it is done - I like the smell too! I wash my bedding and towels etc at a high temperature and that tends to put creases in which don't come out enough when they are dried.

I remember reading once that when Jackie Kennedy lived in the White House she once had the bed changed four times in a day - maybe Marilyn had been visiting!

granjura Sat 23-Jun-12 20:40:07

Iron them when still very slightly damp. I wash mine on 60C too, but on a slower spin.

Bez Sat 23-Jun-12 20:53:56

Tried all that with the damp etc but not much difference - I now. Just do them with the linen setting on the iron and lots of steam - OH never notices anyway- just me being fussy really.

flowerfriend Sat 23-Jun-12 21:14:00

Some of mine are 100% cotton from IKEA and a good blow on the line is all they need.

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