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Defence or unwanted interference? 57 Lilygran
Hillary Clinton 34 Agus
"A tragic death due to over demand and under capacity" 114 durhamjen
Jeremy Clarkson 663 granjura
Prince Andrew 2 soontobe
Shooting in Charleston 9 GrannyTwice
Fred and Gladys 104 NotTooOld
Hayley Okines dies. 14 numberplease
Road Rage 9 Eloethan
Yemin 9 POGS
Armed police on the M62 14 durhamjen
Richard III The poem. Carol Ann Duffy. 13 rosequartz
This is so terribly sad. 426 annodomini
Britain's Defence Costs v International Aid et al 17 thatbags
Rotherham/Cyril Smith Cover up. 13 Iam64
Dutch students can live in care homes for free ... 27 trisher
Our national bird 66 jo1book
The End of the World 18 vampirequeen
judges sacked for watching porn on work computers 35 JessM
David Duckenfield 20 Ana
Budget: class 2 insurance scrapped 1 MamaCaz
Dying of cold 39 Iam64
Pope Francis 4 Teetime
Nice story 3 GreatauntieLinda
Sir Terry Pratchett has died 58 pompa
The three young girls who have purportedly fled to Syria 190 Greenfinch
Shopping baskets through the years 97 tiggypiro
OTT police officer? 38 gillybob
Is it wrong to avoid paying tax? 228 durhamjen
Children walking to school 30 pinkprincess
A new recruit for the relationship thread ?? 37 rosequartz
11 yr old boy in Shades of Grey outfit 159 rosequartz
William and Harry - I'm puzzled. 297 Anniebach
Why is the Daily Mail showing awful ISIS pictures? 51 TerriBull
Harrison Ford plane crash 9 Deedaa
Society or No such thing as? 22 Anniebach
A very practical solution 6 Soutra
Morecambe Bay Report and Maternity Unit of Furness General Hospital 16 crun
Mirror Group Phone Hacking Scandal 5 POGS
Gay men and consensual sex 24 petallus
Stolen baby found after 17 years 21 Stansgran
Greater Manchester to control £6bn NHS budget 47 durhamjen
Britons on benefits in Europe 16 durhamjen
Leonard Nimroy has died 10 Katek
Jack Straw & Malcolm Rifkind in 'cash for access' sting. 109 durhamjen
Pensioners soon be hit by bedroom tax? 53 Eloethan
Lance Corporal Joshua Leakey 11 tanith
Fairtrade fortnight.... 21 grannyactivist
I'm not a * * * * * * but. . . . 18 ninathenana
Hidden Cameras in Care Homes. 77 soontobe