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I find this worrying 62 Eloethan
Parts of the Brain that were the last to develop the first to decline 28 Elegran
Benefits for OAPs will cost extra £12bn a year 15 Iam64
Thank goodness for these brave, selfless people 22 Eloethan
It's not just women who are abused. 16 FlicketyB
World Toilet Day 31 jinglbellsfrocks
Denied a Visa Julien Blanc 8 Soutra
Pensioner Pussy Riot 68 Elegran
Lynda Bellingham 45 Tegan
Romanians queuing to vote in Portsmouth 10 durhamjen
Tiger on loose in Paris 18 janerowena
Berlin Wall 25th Anniversary 25 absent
A really useful invention 11 baubles
Another Conservative defecting to UKIP 37 Morgeo
Jails fitted out with lifts and wheelchairts to cope with pensioner crime 9 Granny23
Rotherham Child Abuse 249 Lilygran
Why Does it Keep Happening? 10 TriciaF
Sir Robin Knox-Johnson.... 13 Marmight
Odd words from Oddie! 50 rosequartz
Imminent massive landslide in Norway 8 thatbags
Oscar Pistorius sentence 30 Grannyknot
What next for Afghanistan? 10 suevie34
Huge increase in prison suicides 12 KatyK
What to do about Calais 9 felice
Attack in Canadian Parliament building! 17 jinglbellsfrocks
Do you drive "like a grandmother"? 5 mollie65
What is Lord Freud worth per hour? 77 Eloethan
Broadband Speed affecting house prices 3 janerowena
Bring Back Our Girls 9 ffinnochio
An essay on why it is wrong for the Commons to vote on going to war 2 MiceElf
Nobel Peace Prize Good News 10 TrillianAstra
McCann troll commits suicide 66 WandaDoff
Alan Henning RIP 36 JoyBloggs
What a nasty, freaky little irk... 44 durhamjen
Lynsey De Paul 7 Deedaa
After those ridiculous posters 143 Elegran
Whatever happened to Call The Midwife? 21 rosequartz
Will Cameron be purring after his next audience with HM? 65 POGS
Should Ed M have read his speech? 19 HollyDaze
Deborah Devonshire has died 11 Soutra
Abu Qatada, not guilty verdict. 3 POGS
Andy Murray's tweet 37 HollyDaze
The age or romance is not dead ??? 11 Marmight
To stay up or not to stay up 47 rubylady
Yes! It's the Big Day tomorrow.... 9 Charleygirl
Statue of Amy Winehouse 15 Marmight
The one pound coin 17 Stansgran
Just read this sad tweet 30 GrannyTwice
Only in Hampstead 19 Deedaa
Russell Brand 78 granjura