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Charlie Hebdo: are our leaders taking us for fools? 122 Ariadne
Page 3, For those of you who think don't buy it if you don't like it. 23 janerowena
Page 3 55 vampirequeen
Dying of cold 18 durhamjen
IS threaten to execute 2 japanese hostages. 12 Tegan
Bring back proper Creme Eggs! 47 yogagran
Why would you? 32 rubylady
Saudi Arabia 7 Eloethan
Page, For those of you who think don't buy it if you don't like it. 6 Agus
Old left high and dry 36 durhamjen
Britons on benefits in Europe 10 Eloethan
Anne Kirkbride Dies 20 annsixty
Breaking News - Allegedly 10 people killed at office of satirical magazine in Paris 922 Iam64
BBC1 News Report on Pensioner Bonds 15 Anya
Teacher groomed by pupil 47 loopylou
Shopping baskets through the years 33 rosequartz
Poor Pigs 78 thatbags
ANONYMOUS issue a warning 25 soontobe
What did they think they were doing? 6 glammanana
Andrew Windsor mark 11 60 CelticRose
Apropos of nothing at all... 40 Agus
Two-year old kills his mother in Idaho 54 Iam64
Glasgow bin lorry crash 23 annodomini
RIP Joe Cocker 15 pompa
GENOMES PROJECT/Brilliant News for Medical Research and the UK 9 POGS
Hostage Siege in Sydney 54 papaoscar
95 children killed by Taliban in Pakistan so far 29 Faye
Man faces deportation because UK wife "not earning enough" 32 Eloethan
[[http://www.theguar ews/2014/dec/15/illr idewithyou-hashtag-o ffers-solidarity-to- sydneys-muslims-afte r-cafe-siege]] 10 mcem
London Airspace closed 10 Anya
Too many prescriptions? 86 Grannyknot
Scientists create feel-full food additive. 10 Ana
Oh No!! They were my favourite Gogglebox family. 66 daffydil
They still don't get it 194 GrannyTwice
Child abuse 24 Iam64
The Bristol mother and baby 101 rosequartz
Ian McLagan remember him? 6 Deedaa
Ashamed to be human 190 janeainsworth
It's not just women who are abused. 42 vampirequeen
Aldi and Lidl 79 MargaretX
Australian Cricketer dies 19 Deedaa
Do you think the US police would have killed this child if he had been white? 26 CandleStick
Another victim of ATOS 16 durhamjen
Andrew Mitchell result 26 durhamjen
Mother left her 6 children at home alone and went to Australia 39 soontobe
Dying to be cared for 5 vampirequeen
I find this worrying 63 durhamjen
Parts of the Brain that were the last to develop the first to decline 29 FlicketyB
Benefits for OAPs will cost extra £12bn a year 15 Iam64
Thank goodness for these brave, selfless people 22 Eloethan