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What has Harry been up to now!

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Gally Wed 22-Aug-12 10:36:33

Prince Harry has, apparently, been up to his antics again - but has he? Is it all a con? What do you think? I must say the film of him in the buff with strategicly placed hands looks convincing, but......... hmm

Annobel Wed 22-Aug-12 10:42:41

Where's that, Gally?

rosiemus Wed 22-Aug-12 10:49:29

Yes I saw that on the Daily Mail website but admit I didn't scrutinise the photos too closely grin

Why was he "recuperating" from the Olympics anyway? I don't remember seeing him running any races smile - and heaven knows I must have watched 99% of it all (I'm still recuperating from all the late nights and patriotism flag to be fair)

effblinder Wed 22-Aug-12 10:51:52

Really, I think he's a bit old for all this malarkey now, isn't he?

Nonu Wed 22-Aug-12 10:59:25

I would not have thought las vegas was an ideal place for him , what about security ?

Annobel Wed 22-Aug-12 11:03:29

Strip poker, apparently! He ought to know by now that there's always someone with a camera phone around. How much did the photographer make from selling those snaps? I'm still wondering when he does any work. William went back to work half way through the Olympics and was reported as having taken place in taking part in a sea rescue. Harry was ever-present at the Games so what was he doing in Vegas instead of going back to his regiment?

Anagram Wed 22-Aug-12 11:24:03

According to the report I read, it was 'strip billiards'! grin

JO4 Wed 22-Aug-12 11:58:35

I can forgive that lovely lad anything.

Not that there's anything to forgive here. What's wrong with getting naked in your own apartment? confused

They won't let you link to the photos. You can link to anything else on that website. Buck House must have got to them! shock

JO4 Wed 22-Aug-12 11:59:08

I think he looks better with his clothes on though.

glammanana Wed 22-Aug-12 12:02:37

I have to say he is my most favorite Royal after HM,he has more life in him than most and at least he does a lot of Charity work far more than "Air Miles Andrew" who in my opinion is a total waste of tax payers money.

Anagram Wed 22-Aug-12 12:08:10

Purely for research purposes:

Who is that person standing behind him in the first photo? confused

Nonu Wed 22-Aug-12 12:09:29

Agree jo4 , he is a nice looking lad , dare I say it I think more handsome than William . smile

JO4 Wed 22-Aug-12 12:13:33

shock That's not fair Anagram. It came up with "not found" when I did it.

I think it's just a different look to William. They are both very sweet.

Harry is a typical younger brother. Makes me think of my two GSs. Sensible older one, shocking little scamp the other one. grin

Anagram Wed 22-Aug-12 12:14:49

I have a special 'Access all Areas' pass, jingl wink

Nonu Wed 22-Aug-12 12:15:13

Anagram , had a little peek , purely for research !!!!! grin

JO4 Wed 22-Aug-12 12:15:13

i want one envy

JO4 Wed 22-Aug-12 12:15:53

That bodyguard could stop a bullet at three paces!

Annobel Wed 22-Aug-12 12:31:06

jingl have you got parental controls on your computer which prevent your seeing nudity or reading naughty words?

JO4 Wed 22-Aug-12 12:40:41


Well, I don't think anyone's put that on! I haven't. shock grin

Anagram Wed 22-Aug-12 12:45:16

But you are only 15, jingl....

Nonu Wed 22-Aug-12 12:48:34

Anagram thats supposed to be secret {grin]

JessM Wed 22-Aug-12 13:00:02

j04 - from what you have posted in the past, you would forgive any royal anything. Not even a teeny bit miffed that he is bringing the House of Windsor into disrepute? grin

soop Wed 22-Aug-12 13:20:41

He was simply enjoying being tall, fair, handsome, unattached and the rest...

JO4 Wed 22-Aug-12 13:25:53

He's being very true to some parts of it jess. grin

JO4 Wed 22-Aug-12 13:26:40

Anagram and Nonu - Shush!!!! hmm

Nonu Wed 22-Aug-12 14:03:37

Wasn"t me . smile

vampirequeen Wed 22-Aug-12 14:11:32

I don't like royal family (as some of you may have noticedsmile) but tbh doesn't everyone have the right to some privacy. He's a rich, handsome young man. Why shouldn't he have a bit of fun with a consenting female in the privacy of his hotel room?

I stayed in a hotel on Saturday night with my husband and without oversharing someone spying on us with a camera might have been able to take compromising photos.

All he was doing was being a normal young man.

johanna Wed 22-Aug-12 15:12:12

jess I don't think that Harry brought the House of Windsor into disrepute.
Surely Tampax Gate did that?

Anagram Wed 22-Aug-12 15:15:08

Yeuk! Did you have to remind us, johanna? grin

soop Wed 22-Aug-12 15:21:06

confused as usual!

janthea Wed 22-Aug-12 15:21:18

I see nothing wrong in what he is doing. He's not hurting anyone. After all, as someone said, he's young and single. Why shouldn't he have some fun. He works hard in army and is entitled to a holiday. He has a lifetime ahead of him for doing 'the right thing'.

Annobel Wed 22-Aug-12 15:46:05

Have just read one of my previous posts in which I found the following:
'(William) was reported as having taken place in taking part in a sea rescue.'

Before any of my fellow pedants notice this, I would like to amend it to:

'was reported as having taken part in a sea rescue'.

Wish we had an after-the-event editing facility! blush

AlisonMA Wed 22-Aug-12 16:22:57

What a fuss about nothing. He is just a young man doing what young men do. My 3 DSs know there are certain things they don't tell their mother and I suspect most boys are the same.

numberplease Wed 22-Aug-12 17:01:13

The Queen may not approve, but I`ll bet Philip`s had a good old chuckle over it!

Nonu Wed 22-Aug-12 17:05:02

You can"t be sure of that she seems a feisty old bird , and just think of the parachute gag at olypics grin

JO4 Wed 22-Aug-12 17:14:07

I'll bet she dotes on those boys. With good reason. smile

vampirequeen Wed 22-Aug-12 18:07:01

Isn't it natural to be naked at times in a hotel room esp if you're having fun? The unnatural part is the photographer who stalked them and took the voyeuristic photos.

JO4 Wed 22-Aug-12 18:13:59

I expect it was one of those girls. But I'm surprised he didn't notice her waving her phone about!

merlotgran Wed 22-Aug-12 18:18:11

Poor Harry. No young man of his age would want his grandmother to see pictures of him naked with a girl but when your grandmother is the Queen???? shock blush

MaggieP Wed 22-Aug-12 18:21:38

Why did anyone plant a camera in his room anyway? He was in private, an adult and it's pretty sick of the press in the US to zap it around the world to embarrass him. He has been doing very well lately and I feel we should leave it alone.
I agree numberplease, I am sure P.Philip had a laugh, probably made him feel much better grin

Annobel Wed 22-Aug-12 18:27:17

Think several people adjourned to his room for a bit of a party.

The i-phone has a lot to answer for.

JO4 Wed 22-Aug-12 18:35:22

You have all looked at Anagram's link haven't you? Down/up the thread at 12:08:10

Wouldn't want you to miss it.

HildaW Wed 22-Aug-12 18:36:55

It was private.
Hes young and un-attached
end of!

Anagram Wed 22-Aug-12 18:39:55

Love the red star! grin

JO4 Wed 22-Aug-12 18:43:07

Yes. grin

Ella46 Wed 22-Aug-12 19:30:29

I'd need a huge one!

NfkDumpling Wed 22-Aug-12 19:34:56

If you've got it flaunt it!

susiecb Wed 22-Aug-12 19:38:53

He's young single and monied of course he will do theses things the more important question is where is his security?

Anagram Wed 22-Aug-12 19:40:43

Surely he wouldn't want them around when he's cavorting naked!

Annobel Wed 22-Aug-12 19:50:39

Might they be cavorting with him?

Nonu Wed 22-Aug-12 19:55:35

Ella 46 do u think u will get one ?????? grin

Anagram Wed 22-Aug-12 20:00:54

The might well be cavorting with him, Annobel - but where would they put their guns? hmm

Annobel Wed 22-Aug-12 20:10:38

Perhaps they'd keep their socks on, Ana. Or maybe they'd make sure they won whatever stripping game they were playing. One source said strip pool; somewhere else, strip billiards and yet another, strip poker. Maybe all three.

Anagram Wed 22-Aug-12 20:13:52

Or perhaps they'd be allowed to keep their gun holsters on.
Otherwise, going for a gun in the sock in an emergency could be fraught with danger....confused

JO4 Wed 22-Aug-12 20:14:51

Strip billiards would be a bit dodgy. Or pool. shock


JO4 Wed 22-Aug-12 20:15:37

I mean.......................................

............naked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shock

nanaej Wed 22-Aug-12 20:49:14

how do you make a snooker table laugh? ...................................................................................................

Put your hands in its pockets and tickle its balls!

Was told that by a 4 year old when I was teaching in a nursery ..over 20 years ago but still remember him telling it..over lunch!

Ella46 Wed 22-Aug-12 22:40:29

nonu I live in hopes! grin

The security men keep their guns in their red stars obviously

Anagram Wed 22-Aug-12 22:53:37

Awkward to retrieve in a shoot-out, surely...? confused

Ella46 Wed 22-Aug-12 23:03:44

I'm sure they would soon get to the bottom of the trouble!

Gally Wed 22-Aug-12 23:12:45

Why was there a billiard table in a hotel suite? Ok I know it was Las Vegas, but is that normal - it must have been a very big one! hmmwink

Gally Wed 22-Aug-12 23:13:36

Hotel suite I mean wink

Nelliemoser Wed 22-Aug-12 23:29:18

There was a recent radio program (or a trailer for the same) about the behaviour of King Edward VII as Prince of Wales and as king. There is nothing new in this world!

absentgrana Thu 23-Aug-12 09:26:08

The royal family is not known for its intellectual prowess and Prince Harry has a history of doing extremely stupid things. Playing strip pool in a Las Vegas hotel room with a bunch of young women picked up in the bar is daft. This is a digital age and of course someone is going to take photographs. (Where did she hide the phone/camera?) There will be a lot of money involved in the publication of these pictures. It's hardly surprising that Buck House is spitting nails. It can't do anything about American newspapers or the internet but is busy whining about British papers having a duty to respect the prince's privacy. It should do something to control this stupid boy or shut up. The latter is probably easier.

JO4 Thu 23-Aug-12 09:29:32

I remember reading a story, some years back now, about members of the royal family running around corridors naked, chasing each other.

JO4 Thu 23-Aug-12 09:30:20

I expect it is a big one Gally. smile

JO4 Thu 23-Aug-12 09:30:39

Make of that what you will. hmm

absentgrana Thu 23-Aug-12 09:31:26

JO4 Now I would have thought that was so unlike the family life of our own dear Queen. smile

JO4 Thu 23-Aug-12 09:32:56

Well yes. I would too. But there. hmm

soop Thu 23-Aug-12 13:24:21

HildaW Agree! smile

granjura Thu 23-Aug-12 16:20:46

Who cares - done privately in his private life - behaving like a lad, any lad. I'd much rather see him in the buff than in a Nazy uniform. I feel sorry for hi - why can't he do anything in his life without fearing that someone will take pics and sell them on.

Ella46 Thu 23-Aug-12 16:48:40

I think, at his age (27),in his position, it shows a lack of respect for his Gparents and Father, to have let this happen.
By all means do it, but don't be so naive as to think that strangers won't take pictures and flog them around the media.

I like Harry, but this shows a lack of judgement, that he should have by now.
Also, sack the security! Anything could have happened to him!

He's got a cute butt though! grin

Grannylin Thu 23-Aug-12 17:10:55

Agree with everything ella Not so sure about the butt but at least he keeps his knickers on to sunbathe!

JO4 Thu 23-Aug-12 17:29:41

For God's sake, anyone who crticises this 27 year old for this is being absolutely RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Making a mountain out of molehill.

Annobel Thu 23-Aug-12 17:47:13

I don't think anyone begrudges Harry a bit of fun, but we might doubt the wisdom of inviting perfect strangers up to his suite without first confiscating their i-phones!

JO4 Thu 23-Aug-12 17:53:11

Oh, and a young fellar enjoying himself on holiday is supposed to think of things like that is he? hmm

He probably doesn't care.

Grannylin Thu 23-Aug-12 17:53:18

Security is the issue here, nothing else. If the photos had not been shown, surely he was opening himself up to blackmail.

absentgrana Thu 23-Aug-12 18:44:32

What is the price of immense privilege?

JO4 Thu 23-Aug-12 18:48:26

I don't think he would have fallen for blackmail. The pictures were innocent.

And you can't criticise him for being "immensely priviledged". That's just what he was born to. He still needs to be young.

absentgrana Thu 23-Aug-12 18:52:19

I'm not criticising him for anything. I am saying that the price you pay for being immensely privileged is that photographs of your naked body are spread all over the internet if you are so stupid that you rely on being privileged to protect you. He is not a teenager.

JO4 Thu 23-Aug-12 19:00:42

Do we think he cares? grin

Ariadne Thu 23-Aug-12 21:56:22

"From those to whom much has been given, much is expected."

Doesn't work in real life, though, does it?

JO4 Thu 23-Aug-12 21:58:34

Well, he has been to Afghanistan. And badly wants to go again.

Annobel Thu 23-Aug-12 22:36:33

He probably does care now that he's sobered up. Do you think he would have got so carried away if he hadn't had a few little drinks? Is it high treason to suggest that a royal could be the worse for alcohol?

JO4 Thu 23-Aug-12 22:37:18

hmm sigh!

Ella46 Thu 23-Aug-12 22:40:44

Only to JO4!

JO4 Thu 23-Aug-12 22:46:03

That is so silly.

Of course he would have been drinking. It was a party. In his hotel suite.

Why would I regard someone suggesting that as high treason? confused

JO4 Thu 23-Aug-12 22:46:48

that didn't quite come out right.

jeni Thu 23-Aug-12 23:09:52

Just heard. The Sun is publishing the photos tomorrow "in the,interest of the freedom of the press!"sad

Bags Fri 24-Aug-12 06:03:07

Why do we care what Harry does? Why do we care if he "brings the House of Windsor" into disrepute? Doesn't bother me. I just think it's funny and it proves that even royals are just ordinary, often rather stupid people.

I also think Harry is carrying too much body fat for a man of his age. Too much soft living.

Bring on the republic.

JessM Fri 24-Aug-12 08:10:22

Ah! Caught you out Bags - you may not be interested, but you had a look hmm

Bags Fri 24-Aug-12 08:14:44

I saw the BBC online news pic of him, that's all. Shows his flabby jaw and a bit of torso. I can imagine the rest so prefer not to look as I know it won't be my ideal of a lean and healthy young man. Nyah boo, jess! grin

MaggieP Fri 24-Aug-12 08:19:57

There will be another front page news story soon!

Nanadogsbody Fri 24-Aug-12 08:21:06

I'm with Bags on this one. I don't really care and I think it's funny. smile

Bags Fri 24-Aug-12 08:21:46

My ideal young man has a bit more intelligence in his face as well.

Bags Fri 24-Aug-12 08:22:53

We've had daft young princes before, not to mention daft kings. Nothing new to see here. Move along, folks. wink

absentgrana Fri 24-Aug-12 08:25:22

We've had tacky, celeb-style behaviour from royals before too Bags. smile

petallus Fri 24-Aug-12 08:35:16

Just seen the pictures on Sun website.

And there was me thinking he was the boy next door type!


Bags Fri 24-Aug-12 08:40:07

Well, what do you expect from tacky celebs? He's one of them.

Not that I think there's anything wrong with playing strip billiards if that's what you want to do. People just love salacious gossip.

absentgrana Fri 24-Aug-12 08:45:46

Was it billiards or was it pool – they are quite different games. And, while side-tracking shamelessly, can anyone explain to me why people talk about a billiard room? Is this a room where you play billiard – yet another game with sticks and balls?

Bags Fri 24-Aug-12 08:55:49

What else would happen in a billiard room?

Actually, it might be better if you didn't answer that.

Annobel Fri 24-Aug-12 09:21:21

petallus, what makes you think that 'the boy next door' wouldn't do just the same, given the chance? But Captain Harry Wales might have had more sense.

JO4 Fri 24-Aug-12 09:22:24

I'm leaving this thread.

It wasn't actually nasty before.

glitabo Fri 24-Aug-12 09:24:30

I heard on the news that the SUN is printing the photos because the readers have a right to see them.
The SUN readers have a right to shelter, food, education, freedom to worship, and to live in a non violent society.
They do not have the right see the photos of a young man cavorting naked with his friend(s) in the privacy of his hotel bedroom.
The SUN should come clean. The readers may want to see the photos, they may even have a salacious desire to see the photos but more importantly printing these photos will sell more papers and make more money.

petallus Fri 24-Aug-12 09:30:21

Annobel I put a grin because I wasn't being serious about the boy next door remark.

Or not entirely. I suppose people in the public eye, especially those in the Royal family, have to try to cultivate a certain kind of 'respectable' image. It's quite reassuring to find they are human like the rest of us.

I certainly would not expect a young man like Harry to behave in a so called sensible manner.

Don't care what he gets up to. Good luck to him.

petallus Fri 24-Aug-12 09:34:13

Just to add, having read glitabo's comments, I don't like to have the wool pulled over my eyes so knowing the truth about people like the Royal family is something I value.

It annoys me that we get fed these anodyne images of such people.

One of the reasons I was sorry when Diana was killed is that through her we got to know how things really were.

Annobel Fri 24-Aug-12 09:55:09

The Sun's interest is in boosting its circulation. The 'public interest' is merely a smokescreen. In truth, millions of people with access to the internet have already seen these pictures if they were interested curious enough (I hold up my hand) and have no cause to buy the Sun unless they already do.

Bags Fri 24-Aug-12 10:06:53

Quite. Well said, anno.

Challenge for anyone who wants yo take it up: define the "public interest", in a different way from the obvious, somewhat flippant one of "what the public is interested in".

I can think of a pompous one without even trying: what the public's "betters" think is good for us.

Have at 'em, pet.

jings, there's nothing nasty about this thread. We are just taking the piss about of daft young man.

There's an interesting article somewhere about it being normal behaviour for young men like him. Fine. We're allowed to laugh.

absentgrana Fri 24-Aug-12 10:20:55

JO4 It isn't nasty now, either. A naked prince with a pool cue in Las Vegas of all places has to be a cause for merriment. To bring things down to the level of Sun – you couldn't make it up. grin

Annobel Fri 24-Aug-12 10:34:34

Think of the fun stand-up comics are going to have about this topic! What a shame HIGNFY isn't on at the moment!
There's nothing 'nasty' about irreverence, jingl. In fact, there's often an element of affection. Mind you, your Majesty, if your're reading this, I'm quite glad it isn't my grandson plastered over the front of the Sun. have they airbrushed anything? grin

petallus Fri 24-Aug-12 10:47:59

In one of the pics he has his hands placed strategically over the crown jewels. In the one showing a back view of him bending over the Sun have placed a crown to block out a too intimate view of his bum.

I have a feeling I'm lowering the tone grin

absentgrana Fri 24-Aug-12 10:51:10

No petallus Prince Harry has already done that. grin

Annobel Fri 24-Aug-12 11:15:59

I thought that the strategically placed hands indicated that he was all too aware that someone was taking his photograph.

Barrow Fri 24-Aug-12 11:23:58

I don't know any 27 year old man who wouldn't be happy to get naked with willing pretty girls! Perhaps he could have shown a little more common sense but, presumaby, he had had a few drinks. As for his security detail, its their job to protect him from other people not from himself!

HildaW Fri 24-Aug-12 11:53:16

I always thought the Sun 'newspaper' was its beyond the pale.

petallus Fri 24-Aug-12 12:24:50

The problem with trash is that it is often quite entertaining.

soop Fri 24-Aug-12 12:52:10

Rory, our upmarket feral cat, always reads the Telegraph. His apartment is wall-papered and carpeted with back issues. We wouldn't wish to lower the tone by introducing him to such tat as the Sun. wink

petallus Fri 24-Aug-12 12:56:21

Basil, our English lop rabbit, is very fond of The Guardian and Church Times. I did put a tabloid (won't say which one) in his hutch once but he peed on it.

soop Fri 24-Aug-12 12:57:58

PRICELESS! petallus grin

Butternut Fri 24-Aug-12 13:14:03

The Americans have a saying...."What happens in Las Vagas stays in Las Vagas"
Well, the world press have scotched that urban myth! grin

JO4 Fri 24-Aug-12 14:24:03

I know I said I would keep off this thread, but I have just read the Sun bit and it is SO funny!

I'm with the Sun on this. Not everyone has the internet. Why should anybody miss it? grin

JO4 Fri 24-Aug-12 14:26:43

"“He hugged her to cover her up. He went over to be the gentleman and said, ‘I’ll shield you. I’ll protect you. I won’t let them see you’

Yeah right! grin

merlotgran Fri 24-Aug-12 16:30:31

Blimey, Jings, Mills and Boon would be proud of that one grin

petallus Fri 24-Aug-12 17:39:20

That's one of the things I've always thought The Sun had going for it; it's irreverant humour.

And the puns.

mickey Sun 26-Aug-12 13:13:06

I think its funny too. The royals get so much of our taxes, they owe us some entertainment-thats one of their duties. Right down the ages most male royals have indulged themselves in hedonistic pursuits-nothing new under the sun.Publish and be damned.

Nanadogsbody Sun 26-Aug-12 17:05:48

Hadn't looked on it like that mickey but now you come to mention it, I love the idea that they can earn their keep by providing us with a laugh. wink

Ella46 Mon 27-Aug-12 09:28:01

If that's to be the case mickey and nanadog then the photos need to be a lot clearer!!!

Nanadogsbody Mon 27-Aug-12 10:24:44

Naughty Ella grin

JO4 Mon 27-Aug-12 10:26:25

What makes you think there'd be anything to laugh at then Ella? wink (seems all man to me --but then I'm just a dirty old woman--)

Ella46 Mon 27-Aug-12 10:36:28

I've seen enough naked men (pictures of course wink ) to know that there's plenty to laugh at JO!

JessM Mon 27-Aug-12 11:14:23

Apparently the army are feeling embarrassed and he has been told off by his commanding officer.
If he had been a teacher, he might well have been sacked. Definitely a final written warning.
I know young men do this kind of thing (i think mine were banned from butlins minehead for life, after DS1 stag night, organised by DS2 - not something I am particularly proud of) But once you take a job with responsibilities with other people looking up to you, maybe it is time to stop. Or at least be incredibly careful about who, where and when.

jeni Mon 27-Aug-12 11:33:22

I've seen plenty of naked men, for some reason they all seem very shy about displaying the relevant bits of their anatomy to meconfused

JO4 Mon 27-Aug-12 13:02:25

Sacked? For doing something completely harmless in the privacy of his own apartment?! The world would have gone completely made for that to happen.

Ella - I'll bet he can be proud, if the rest of him is anything to go by! grin

JessM Mon 27-Aug-12 13:38:07

If it was made public in the local paper for instance, quite possibly j04.
Trouble is that it was not "private" was it - nobody can be fully assured they are private these days if they are in the same room as someone with a mobile phone. Unless you know them really, really well and are 100% sure you can trust them, drunk or sober.
There was a similar case round here involving Facebook, local paper, national paper, deputy head (female) not so long ago. It's called bringing the name of the school into disrepute which is a sackable offence.

Nonny Mon 27-Aug-12 17:07:09

I couldn't care less what Harry gets up to just as long as my taxes aren't used to fund his pranks! The Sun always has been the gutter press and as long as people keep buying it, it will continue to dig up rubbish.

wallers5 Tue 28-Aug-12 07:17:10

I hope you watched 'Help the Heroes' last night on ITV1 with these amazingly brave soldiers trying to climb Everest, one with only one arm, & all their horrendous injuries. The famous photo of the soldier on fire leaping out of his tank, was one of them. Harry is good with them & encourages them.

I think he needs a good woman to keep him on the straight & narrow!

Bags Tue 28-Aug-12 08:12:27

Doubt if a 'good' woman would take him on confused

Ganja Tue 28-Aug-12 08:47:26

I don't think the Army are embarrassed by him. Half of them were on Facebook yesterday, starkers, and saluting to support him! Have a look all you lusty old Grans. wink wink wink

JessM Tue 28-Aug-12 08:50:17

I was referring to the hierarchy rather than the ranks. Who are you calling "lusty" ganja ?

Bags Tue 28-Aug-12 08:53:17

Always go to the grass roots if you want to find out what's really going on! Of course "the heirarchy" disapproves. They always do. That's their remit. I bet the support of his mates is more important to Harry than a dressing down from on high. I also bet the "on highs" were just as bad when they were young.

Greatnan Tue 28-Aug-12 08:54:09

It did occur to me that any terrorists or gangsters could easily find out where he is and infiltrate one of his drink-fuelled parties. Kidnapping him or killing him , possibly by drugging his drink (hard to hide a gun in a bikini) would be seen as a major coup for them. He was,I think, known as 'Target Orange' when it was suggested he should be deployed in Afghanistan.
His police protection officer did not seem to be in a state of alert - perhaps he should be given older, experienced officers who don't simply want to party with him.
I am afraid he is not just another young man - he is third in line to the throne and it costs the British taxpayer a good deal to protect him.
Noblesse Oblige.

absentgrana Tue 28-Aug-12 09:03:12

I misread the newspaper and thought it said "The army will give him a dressing gown". How appropriate.

JO4 Tue 28-Aug-12 09:57:18
Greatnan Tue 28-Aug-12 10:01:55

Why would I want to see some young man naked? I am not a pervert!

annodomini Tue 28-Aug-12 10:07:53

Nothing spectacular, Greatnan. They kept their boots on... grin

Greatnan Tue 28-Aug-12 10:17:59

Ah, hard luck for the foot fetishists then.

JO4 Tue 28-Aug-12 10:19:56

Greatnan sunshine

JO4 Tue 28-Aug-12 10:21:36

I actually meant I wouldn't want anyone to miss it for the fun involved.

Oh, never mind! hmm


JO4 Tue 28-Aug-12 10:29:39

And what the fuck would be "perverted" about liking the looks of some fit young blokes anyway?! [weird]

Mishap Tue 28-Aug-12 10:32:21

Jess - female head teacher round here got into a similar pickle with revealing pics coming out on facebook. It seems we will all have to behave ourselves now - how very boring!

petallus Tue 28-Aug-12 10:55:05

I wonder how we would all react if the naked pictures had been of one of the young princesses in similar circumstances?

JO4 Tue 28-Aug-12 10:57:08

Why would that be any different? confused

Apart from the fact they might not have enough hands.

JO4 Fri 07-Sep-12 12:19:30

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