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couple swearing

Relationship checker

You can see how much va-va-voom is left in your relationship by using this nifty relationship checker.

Andrew G. Marshall

Leading marital therapist Andrew G. Marshall, who specialises in long-term relationships, joined us for a webchat.



Sex isn't just for the young. We've compiled tips on getting feisty in the bedroom and what to do if you're not feeling particularly 'up for it'.


We've got tips on how to deal with toddler trantrums to jog your memory - but most importantly - just <breathe>


child between parents

Going through a separation? We have an app so you can stay uptodate with the latest advice on parenting, housing, money and legal issues.

Suzi Godson

Check out our sex advice webchat with Suzi Godson, sex and relationships expert for the Times.

wedding ring

Talk out your sex and relationship dilemmas with gransnetters on our talk forums.