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Trudy Hannington Webchat

Trudy Hannington

Psychosexual Therapist Trudy Hannington answers your questions on sex and relationships.


Has your relationship suffered since your husband retired? Gransnetters share their experiences of 'Retired Husband Syndrome'.

mil and dil

The MIL/DIL relationship can be a fragile one. Here's tips from both sides of the fence on how to make it work.



How's the health of your relationship? Take Relate's relationship checker and see if your relationship is in need of a bit of TLC. 



We've compiled tips on getting feisty in the bedroom and what to do if you're not feeling particularly 'up for it'.

child between parents

Going through a separation? This app could help.

wedding ring

Talk out your sex and relationship dilemmas with gransnetters on our talk forums.