Newsletter 26 April

Gransnet logo We're nearly one!

 To celebrate our birthday on 5th May we have started a thread to look back at our first year of Gransnet. Add your thoughts and comments and you'll be entered into the prize draw to win a celebratory goodie box from GNHQ.

Book club

Lots of lovely emails (thank you!) from happy recipients of The House on Paradise Street (which is also BBC Radio 4's Book at Bedtime this week). Author Sofka Vinoviev will be answering gransnetters' questions on her absorbing and thought-provoking novel - so do add yours to the thread before 3 May.


Testbed Productions have offered to put together a podcast for us. It will include an interview with James Daley - money editor of Which? - in a kind of audio version of one of our regular webchats. So in order to produce this, our very own Gransnet "radio" item, we would love to have your questions.

James is happy to answer any personal finance queries, including those on inheritance tax, Junior ISAs, the government's Child Trust Fund (now defunct) and NS&I (national savings) and Premium Bonds. If you have any concerns - for you or your grandchildren - simply add them to the thread. We'll then put them to him and you'll be able to hear the answers on the site.

Guest blog

In this week's guest blog post Chris Moon-Willems shares her poignant experiences of Caring for Mum and Dad. You can add your own stories and comments here.

If you'd like to write a guest blog post for us you can find more details or contact us at

Recipe of the week

Yet again our plans for barbecues and stunning salads have been scuppered by the weather. Who'd have thought that winter warmers would be quite so the end of April?! This slow cooked beef casserole from Pinksock is just the job.

For more great recipe ideas take a look at yesterday's webchat with the wonderful Claudia Roden

Gransnet offers 

This week's great money-saving offers (be sure to use these links):

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Lots of goodies on offer this week including:

On the forums 

It appears to be the week of the faux pas...and we have to hold up our hands and admit to being responsible for one of them with our typo on the home page asking whether "pubic sector staff" outside London should be paid less. "Yes" mused Anagram. "Danger money?" 

Luckily it wasn't just us (phew) and so we happily passed the baton over to POGS, whose granddaughter asked "Nanny, why do you walk with a stick? Is it because your boobies are so big you would fall over if you didn't have it?" Jacey's friend's five-year-old daughter can also be added to the culprit list "after calmly announcing at a family meal, 'I had sex today'. To say it was a converstion stopper was putting it mildly. On enquiring, which I thought was quite brave of her mother, it transpired that it was her table's turn to get a second helping of dessert at school lunch."

Elsewhere, much discussion about who had the honour of wearing a prefect's badge. Greenmossgiel "wasn't considered for duties - I think a hugely pregnant prefect staggering about the corridors may have put out the wrong message, somehow. I WAS a bit more than naughty, you see." And JessM was also ruled out as she "was considered too flighty". 

Mishap "was one of the last to be chosen and the HM took me into his office and said he was appointing me on the basis of 'set a thief to catch a thief'. Hmm..." While vampirequeen "found the perfect way of controlling the corridors and toilets. Bribery and corruption. If you wanted a smoke in the toilets then it cost you a cigarette. In return you didn't have to hide in the cubicles unless a member of staff appeared.Then one day we were busted and we were all banned from ever being prefects again". 

GoldenGran continues to mourn the fact that she was "not even a milk monitor! It upset me, but am trying to get over it now." Golden - you are welcome to be the GN milk monitor any time you like!

In the news 

Men set to live as long as women - and could catch up by 2030 - BBC

Donations rocket after woman dies during the London marathon - Guardian - join the discussion on the forums

Half of over-50s "will have to work beyond state pension age" - BBC

Sandbags handed out as torrential rain brings flash flooding...but there's still a hosepipe ban - Telegraph

Report suggests the pill should be available over the counter - Guardian - join the discussion on the forums

And finally... 

"I went to buy a Canesten Combi pack and the male pharmacist asked me if I was pregnant or breast-feeding. I was quite flattered as I'm nearly 58 but my husband disgraced me by laughing loudly." nuttynorah

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