Newsletter 4 May

Gransnet logo Happy birthday to us (for tomorrow)

 We've made it through our first year! If Gransnet has been a success so far - and we think it has - it's all been down to the wit, warmth and support of all the fantastic gransnetters. So thank you for making it so much fun. We'll be drawing a name for our birthday present package on Monday - the thread's here - and you can read birthday greetings from some of our friends and see the special birthday logo on the site.

Book club

We hope you've enjoyed Sofka Zinovieff's The House on Paradise Street. We've extended the deadline for the Q&A - but we'll be closing the thread on Tuesday, so please do ask Sofka a question before then. We'll send them off to Athens and she's promised to return her answers to us very promptly.

Our next book club novel Is Penelope Lively's How it All Began. The very nice people at Testbed productions have made a podcast of Penelope reading the first page or two (with me talking to her a little bit afterwards). This is a delightful, beautifully-written book - and Penelope seemed to think it might be her last novel. We have 200 free copies to give away - see the book club page for details of how to get your copy.


Still on the podcast front, this is the last call for questions for James Daley, money editor of Which? - who will be answering them later today for a podcast which we'll post next week. Add your questions to the thread.

Children's Book Club

We have 50 copies to give away of The Worst Princess by Anna Kemp and Sarah Ogilivie, a lovely picture book story of Princess Sue, who would rather battle dragons than sit in a tower wearing pretty dresses. Funny, that.... 

May gardening

Fragrant basil, elegant, dark fritillaries, reasons to paint your garden and managing water whether you're inundated, or officially in drought (how does that work?) - catch up with our May gardening ideas.

Food and recipe of the week

Grilled sardines, lamb with feta, asparagus - check out our May seasonal food. And if you're lucky enough to have laid your hands on some tender young asparagus, you could try a tuna, asparagus and bean salad, courtesy of francesb.

Guest blog

Author of The Fifties Mystique, Jessica Mann, wonders why women look back nostalgically on the Mad Men era of the 50s and 60s in this week's guest blog, The Not So Good Old Days.There's already a lively discussion on the forums.

If you fancy writing a guest blog post for us you can find more details or contact us at

Gransnet offers 

This week's great money-saving offers (be sure to use these links):


Lots of goodies on offer this week including:

On the forums 

Given the prevalence of broomstick ownership among gransnetters, Kate2012 (who says she's ridden nothing else since she was run over by a middle-aged male cyclist) wondered "how long before local councils put up 'STRICTLY NO BROOMSTICK' signs?" Though, she added, "clamping them would make for interesting viewing". Harrigran revealed she has a great device for hers: "better than sat-nav, it is gran-nav: I just type in the gran's name and away we go." Soop has the competitor product: "sat-nan".

Elsewhere, Bags asked, "does nobody else remember sniffing their knees as a child in the bath and thinking that they smelled like biscuits?" and kicked off a veritable epidemic of truffling about our own bodies. "I seem to smell of chocolate in the morning, don't know why." reported Goldengran. "And I thought I was the maddest member," said Greatnan. "I have a lovely vision of grandmothers all over the world sniffing their knees."

In the news 

And finally... 

"Jokes about German sausage are the wurst...
I know a guy who's addicted to brake fluid. He says he can stop any time...
I stayed up all night to see where the sun went. Then it dawned on me..." - nemonan (and if you've got the stomach for them, there are more where those came from).

Until next week - and don't forget to follow us on facebook and twitter - check out our hashtag #gransnetis1 for birthday tweets from Number 10 and many others - and tell your friends about Gransnet.





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