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US election meme

Trump vs Clinton

"I can see the losers being quite incapable of accepting the vote, whichever way it goes. Although, I don't think I'd accept it if Trump wins either..."

The great Halloween debate

skeletons covering faces

Guest posts: Is it ghostly or ghastly? We hear from two bloggers on opposite sides of the argument.

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Is our language going to the dogs?

Judging your grammar

Language: Is good grammar a thing of the past? And, more to the point...who's to blame? 

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Natural insomnia cures

Tired woman

Sleep issues: Wide awake at 4am? Here's how to restore your sleeping pattern - naturally. 

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Bumper £1000 prize bundle

Ultimate prize bundle

Competitions: Enter to win a whole host of fantastic prizes worth a total of £1000!

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Trick or treat...


Halloween: From goodies for grandchildren to how to avoid unwanted trick-or-treaters.

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Names for grandmothers


Grandparenting: Are you Gran, Grandma, Gaga or...Gorkie?!

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Best thrillers and scary films

woman screaming from psycho film

Film: Your favourite hair-raisers that you've watched and survived...

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How to reduce the risk of dementia

woman doing yoga

Health: Practicing a healthy lifestyle can help to reduce the risk of developing dementia symptoms. 

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How to stay healthy this winter

winter couple

Health: Expert advice on how to stave off bugs during the colder months and keep yourself healthy.

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No trick-or-treat poster

woman looking out window

Halloween: If Halloween is not your cup of tea, here's how to opt out. 

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Winter boots for under £80

winter boots

Fashion: If you're on the look out for a stylish new pair of comfy boots, here are our favourites.

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What to have for dinner tonight?

tuna salad

Food: Lacking inspiration? We've got daily dinner suggestions that are quick and easy.

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Freebies and discounts for over 60s

over 60s discounts

Money-saving: Hitting 60 carries with it some great savings if you know where to look.

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Halloween events across the UK

kids with googly eyes

Local: Ghoulishly fun events to help you get into the 'spirit' of things.

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