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What's getting your goat?

goatWe're now featuring a weekly guest post - and we're looking for guest posts on anything and everything of interest to gransnetters.

How it works

Tell us what's getting your goat and we'll feature your post on Gransnet. Send us your thoughts (or tell us you'd like to be featured) by getting in touch with blogs@gransnet.com. We'll give you the go-ahead, or (if it's already written) accept the guest post, which should ideally be 250-300 words long and no longer than 500 words. Check out our latest guest posts for inspiration.

You don't have to be writing a blog already, but if you are we'll link to it. If you're wondering how to get started with the whole blogging malarkey, see our page on how to blog.

We'll need a picture - which can be of you, or can be of something related to your blog. Or not very related at all, like this nice goat.

You can write a guest post under your Gransnet username, or another anonymous handle, or with your real name, as you prefer. 

We'll tweet your blog, promote it on Facebook and on the Gransnet home page, and we'll encourage gransnetters to comment on the Blogs Forum.

What happens next

We'll proofread your guest post for grammatical points and make sure it fits with the usage on Gransnet (we have some funny little rules, which nobody notices except us).

Once it's been accepted, we'll schedule your guest post as soon as we can.

Gransnet guest post guidelines

  • Please email blogs@gransnet.com with your post. It will normally take at least one working day to get your post up. 
  • Please include a photo that we can use to illustrate the piece. This could be of yourself or just something related to what you're writing about. 
  • This will be featured in our new section, Blogs.
  • We'll tweet the post, so let us know if you have a twitter handle you’d like us to use.

What we need

  • Your post should be 250-300 words ideally.
  • We need a picture to accompany the post.
  • Feel free to choose what you would like to write about. Do email to run the idea past us first - we will let you know whether it sounds suitable for our audience. 
  • If you can’t think of anything we will do our best to come up with something for you.
  • We may edit the post to fit our style guidelines.











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