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Climate Change - protect our planet

climate change climate week 2013This week we are supporting Climate Week, the UK’s biggest climate change campaign, which takes place from 4-10 March. Climate Week promotes ways that people can live and work more sustainably. For everyone wanting to do their bit to protect our planet, read on. Sceptics, leave your pooh-poohs at the door. 

Backed by Paul McCartney, Tom Jones, Girlguiding UK and the UK’s biggest parenting charity, NCT to name a few, Climate Week culminates in a week of events and activities run by people from every sector of society across the UK. These events showcase the positive solutions to climate change that are happening in homes, communities and workplaces, inspiring a new wave of action to create a sustainable future. Each year, half a million people attend 3,000 events.

What you can do

This is your chance to excite your community about solutions to climate change. By hosting an event for Climate Week you will help build a social movement for change and encourage others in your area to take action.


Here are some simple event ideas:

  • Climate Week Cuisine – food is always a popular topic on Gransnet and it's one way that we can all make simple, sustainable changes to our lifestyle. You could host a leftovers lunch, run a low-carbon cookery competition or organise a visit to your local farmers market and support British produce. Check out your local Gransnet site for details on local markets. 
  • The Climate Week Swap – do you help with a youth group, book club or parish council? Why not organise a swap event with them, and encourage people to bring unwanted items to be swapped for things they do want? You could swap clothes, toys, books, DVDs....
  • The Climate Week Pub Quiz – for an easy, fun and quick activity, why not host the eco-themed Quiz in your local pub, community group or home.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to tell us about it! Start a thread on the forums, tweet us about, or share your activities on our Facebook page. We'd love to hear what you're getting up to.