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Win a Cross Townsend pen worth £100 and a copy of The Scotland Yard Puzzle Book

 scotland yard puzzle book competition

To celebrate the release of The Scotland Yard Puzzle Book by Sinclair McKay, we're giving you the chance to win a Cross Townsend Medalist Ballpoint Pen worth £100, along with a copy of the book. 10 runners-up will also win a copy of The Scotland Yard Puzzle Book.

Pit your wits against the brilliant minds of Scotland Yard, from the bestselling author of Bletchley Park Brainteasers.

If you cracked the GCHQ Puzzle Book and tore through the Ordnance Survey Puzzle Book, you must show off your brainteaser abilities and prove that you have what it takes to be a detective at the Yard.

How can a man be in two places at once? How might a murder be committed when no one is seen entering or exiting the house? Can an entire crime be solved with just a suitcase of empty beer bottles?

It's time for you to tackle the conundrums that confounded the best Yard detectives over the years. 

Since it opened its doors in 1829, Scotland Yard has used the science of detection to solve the most macabre of murders and catch the most audacious of thieves. The Scotland Yard Puzzle Book takes a look at the history of this famous institution and recreates some of the most complex puzzles its detectives have ever faced. Technology can now shine a light on some of the most difficult cases, but the analytical mind needed to crack the clues remains as essential as ever. 

Do YOU have what it takes to be a Scotland Yard detective?

The Scotland Yard Puzzle Book is published by Headline and is available to buy now in bookshops and online.


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Simply fill in the form and answer the question below by 11am 17 December for the chance to win a Cross Townsend pen worth £100 and a copy of The Scotland Yard Puzzle Book.

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