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Win a Serious Readers Alex Light Bundle worth over £540

serious readers competition

We've teamed up with Serious Readers to offer one lucky gransnetter the chance to win a Serious Readers Alex Light Bundle worth £549.98. 

Regain the joy of reading

Struggling to see?

Alex Lights take the strain out of reading by projecting a natural, balanced light beam onto your page. With the winter months imminent, we will be plunged once again into dark evenings when we will strain harder to see. Imagine if you could enjoy high-quality light from two different lights every evening. The only decision you’d have to make is which one you’re going to use each night.

  • Maximise your ability to see colour and detail. Great lighting is not about brightness alone. Their bespoke Daylight Wavelength Technology sheds a light spectrum that comes very close to daylight itself.
  • Minimise the negative effects of inferior task lights. The wrong choice of light is not only uncomfortable for your eyes but bad for your posture.
  • Optimise your posture and comfort. What we read varies a lot, so it is essential to have personal control. A Serious Light can be adapted to your needs. An Alex Light takes the strain, so your eyes and body don’t have to.

Alex Floor

Serious Readers' closest LED light to natural daylight. Despite throwing 6x more light than a 60W filament bulb onto your page, the Alex Floor Light uses just 5.5W of power. Read in comfort without worrying about your energy consumption. In addition, the Alex Floor Light also runs cool to the touch, allowing you to read without any heat thrown down on to you.


Alex Table

Just like the Alex Floor Light, the table version of the Alex also runs cool to touch. The Alex Table Light employs the latest high-performance 4,000K LED with a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 98 out of a possible 100 maximum, meaning you can give your eyes the help they need to read small print for longer, using just 5.5W of power in the process.


Find out more out Serious Readers on their website here


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How to enter

Simply fill in the form and answer the question below by 11am 8 January for the chance to win a Serious Readers Alex Light Bundle worth over £540.

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