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Win a Balneum skincare bundle and a £150 voucher

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We know how difficult it can be to find a skincare brand that works best for you, especially during the winter months when our skincare needs change. Balneum provide a range of products that aim to lock in moisture and rehydrate skin and so we’re giving you the chance to win a selection of goodies along with a shopping voucher worth £150.

Even during the colder months, getting outside and taking in the fresh air can do us the world of good. But when it starts to affect our skin, the thought of facing the elements can sometimes be off-putting. As temperatures drop, so do moisture levels in the air, making it harder for our bodies to retain moisture, leaving our skin vulnerable to becoming dry or even cracked.

From head to toe, Balneum Cosmetics can be used on all skin types, even eczema and psoriasis prone skin. The dual action Dry and Itch Relief Lotion is perfect for using on a daily basis, while the Dry and Itch Relief Cream, Oleo Wash and Shampoo work to protect the skin from drying out and locking in moisture.

Say goodbye to itchy, dry skin with the Balneum range, dermatologically tested by our experts, it works to restore your skin’s natural balance, leaving skin feeling hydrated, soothed and refreshed – helping you to #ItchLessLiveMore.

Here's what our users had to say about the Gransnet Rated Balneum Dry Skin and Itch Relief Lotion: 

"Absolutely love this lotion. It rubs in smoothly and has no smell so you can still use it with your perfume. I have dry skin patches and these seem to have disappeared. Will definitely be buying another one when it has run out."

"Really satisfied with this lotion - it was a dream to use. It was very easy to apply and it did work. I felt it worked best on my hands, I've got a particularly sore hand with persistent dry skin between two fingers and on the back of that hand. Balneum worked exceptionally well. I'll definitely continue using this lotion after the testing period."

"I was quite wary about using the Balneum lotion as I had a flare up of eczema on my hands. However, I was pleased to find it very soothing and it did not make my hands itch (which is what often happens when I apply lotion). I used it overnight under cotton gloves and then each time I washed my hands. It really is worth trying."

"I am very satisfied with this Balneum Lotion. It does exactly what it says it will do. I like that it has no scent, is very light and easily absorbed. Over time I noticed an overall improvement in my skin's softness and smoothness. The back of my hands look younger. My shins are no longer dry and itchy. I will definitely buy Balneum and have already recommended it to others."

"My husband has used many different creams for his psoriasis, with varying degrees of success. He has found Balneum to be very effective in reducing the soreness and itch which he experiences frequently. He even thinks it has reduced the redness as well. This is a product which we will definitely be using in the future."


The Balneum Cosmetics range is available to buy from Amazon.


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