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Gousto - Gransnet Partner Offer


Savour every moment with £40 off delicious meals from Gousto using code GRAN40 - just for gransnetters.

Bring out your inner chef with Gousto recipe kits. Gousto delivers everything food lovers need to cook the recipes they love, weekly. Easy to order and delivered in stay-fresh packaging, each kit comes with recipe cards, and quality ingredients pre-measured for the perfect result. And with 10 delicious meals to choose from each week you'll never be short of culinary inspirations (Or compliments!)

Unlike other recipe kit services, Gousto offers a choice of 10 new tried and tested recipes each week. Meals start from just £3.99 per portion, which is great value for organic vegetables and high-welfare British meat.

We believe that having the time to cook a healthy, delicious meat is a right, not a privilege. Giving you back the time that you lose planning meals and traipsing about finding ingredients will allow you to reclaim the joy of cooking, and truly savour the moment.

To claim your Gousto discount: to get £20 off your first box and £20 off your second box (just for gransnetters) click through this link and entering GRAN40.