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The forgotton victims of crime

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helshea Sat 21-May-11 06:27:35

Am I being completely unreasonable to believe the press should not be allowed to print some of the stories they do. My point is that quite often, and this has happened locally recently, the press and tv run with stories about convicted criminals, they print story after story about their past and people come out of the woodwork with stories about incidents that happened years ago and never came to light.. all this once the person has been convicted and sentenced. Now don't get me wrong I have absolutely no sympathy with criminals whatsover, but we must also remember that they have families too. They may have parents, brothers and sisters, partners and children, all who have done nothing wrong. Spare a thought for little children going to school with the surname of a murderer or rapist. These children have got enough to deal with.

helshea Sat 21-May-11 06:28:57

oops I think I posted this twice.... a hanging laptop I'm afraid!