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toothfairy Tue 24-May-11 16:18:34

Join WI
Play bingo
stop colouring my hair
Stop wearing jeans

Oh, and stop going topless in the garden
( only kidding ) :0

supernana Mon 30-May-11 18:36:47

Doris...every day, on waking, my husband looks me up and down and yet again and gasps "Wow!" I approach 70, I accept that as being a great compliment spoken by a true gent...wink

dahlia Sun 04-Sep-11 16:21:09

I must confess to being a member of the W.I. and secretary of our local branch, but not ready yet to join their luncheon club or Craft and Chat.
I did try the U3A but everyone seemed so old! May give it another chance!
Gave up dyeing my hair because results looked so hard against my pale skin, and I'm basically lazy! Husband loves the silver look, don't know whether this is a recommendation or not!
Don't look good in jeans - rear end just too large! Has anyone tried that brand called "not your daughter's jeans"? Supposed to be a better fit for the more mature female form.
Played bingo at a charity do once - couldn't keep up, so perhaps it keeps your brain active. My mother in law used to play two or three cards at once, and she was bright until the day she left us.

Grumpyoldwoman Sun 04-Sep-11 17:13:51

I have never ;
played bingo,
worn a thong
joined WI
worn twin sets ..(but like pearls)
worn socks or tights (for years) (only wear tights for a wedding)
had an electric blanket
worn pj's in bed (unless I am ill)
worn bed socks

I will always;
wear jeans
go commando under jeans
go bare foot
wear Ugg boots (or similar)
wear fitflops and crocs (all year round)
wear dark red nail varnish
love leather handbags (hate shoes)
wear scarves and baggy tops

I would also add ..wear Purple but I don't actually like it !!

I am really fed up with my hair (neither grey nor brown) and wondering about highlights. Will have to consult with my hairdresser daughter.

Something I would love to do but probably not fit enough is 'White Water Rafting.'

As long as we are not dressing like teenagers I think we should wear what we feel comfortable in. I look at some of my friends in their skirts, smart jackets, tights and neat shoes and envy their 'style'...but it just isn't me.

greenmossgiel Sun 04-Sep-11 17:33:58

Like Grumpyoldwoman I also will always wear jeans (or long skirts). Bare feet, (always) in the house, and crocs or Birkenstocks outside in the garden. I daydream too much to play bingo and I just couldn't bear the thought of wearing a thong.....blush ! I'm scared of electric blankets and wear Ugg-type boots in colder weather. (By the way, got some lovely little fleecy desert boots from Primark yesterday!) I do wear purple because I think it suits me and my hair which (now mid-length) is white. I always wear me knickers, but mainly for comfort! grin

irishingrid Fri 16-Sep-11 13:44:13

I refuse to give in to any social pressures ...
Am going to do my 2nd season as chalet host. This year I am in Chamonix, last time I was in Morzine. I shall miss my children and grandchildren but hope that I will inspire my grandchildren to see aging in a positive light.
Oldest chalet host was retired at 75 unless any of you know otherwise.

glassortwo Fri 16-Sep-11 13:48:01

irish good for you, go and enjoy it.

greenmossgiel Fri 16-Sep-11 13:59:10

irishingrid - you are so very right!! Social pressures - what are they? Only things that 'others' don't approve of! We should all do whatever 'floats our boat', as long as no-one is harmed or hurt in any way. Get on and have a great time! smile

glammanana Fri 16-Sep-11 14:55:31

irishingrid what a fab way to spend the season how lucky are you,I think we should arrange a virtual chalet holiday for GNers.