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Scared of bridges!

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helshea Wed 25-May-11 20:13:18

Is it only me, but is anyone else worried if they are driving under a motorway bridge when there is someone standing on it. I automatically think that they may be some sort of hooligan who is going to drop something onto my car that could cause a major pile up, or even worse that they could be about to jump! Does anyone else think about this?

crimson Wed 25-May-11 20:56:54

We were driving through Stoke on Trent and someone threw a brick off a bridge that bounced on the car bonnet and [thankfully] over the car. We had a police car in front of us; we followed it for ages flashing our lights and waving, but they completely ignored us. So yes, it does happen but it happened to us so you're all right.Law of averages; more likely to trip and fall down the stairs? I don't like using lifts! I always think, when setting off on a journey that if I leave a minute or so earlier or later it could mean all the difference between missing something bad happening. But then, I'm a worrier. I think my penance in life is worrying and, as long as I keep on worrying I'll be ok.

glassortwo Wed 25-May-11 21:07:05

Over the last few years there has been a few incidents of yobs throwing bricks over our bridges and when you see someone standing on the bridge you just hold your breath waiting for the brick to land. But the Police seem to have sorted it up here and we have had while without any incidents.

Penman Wed 25-May-11 21:43:45

Hi helshea

I think your fear of disasters beneath motorway bridges is quite a popular fear and augmented by a screwed half vision in case a brick comes hurtling through your windscreen. And could be that the half-closed eyes and the wince are the major factors in resultant collisions near bridges. Apart from banning juveniles from stopping on bridges overlooking traffic, and using TV to entrap offenders there is little that can be done except hold the parents of offenders responsible.

As for jumping I remember being called out as duty officer for the borough where a lady, well-known to my department, was threatening to jump off a a bridge crossing a busy main road. Two young policemen were there not knowing quite what to do. I went through and spoke to poor Marjorie who was reading from her bible. I managed to persuade her to come with me to Saxondale Hospital where she was admitted for observation under section 29 of the Mental Health Act 1959.

On paper it seems a callous response to the poor lady's difficulties, but clearly she was a danger to herself and to others. The coherent part of her day was that she wanted to jump onto a clear part of the road - but the traffic was so heavy that there was no clear part, and it was making her cross.

But yes, dear helshea, it bothers me sometimes. Thankfully I see very few people waiting to jump. Best thing is not to look.

harrigran Wed 25-May-11 23:01:47

Not just under bridges, I was on a train when somebody fired a gun from the embankment and it broke the window where I was sitting with the children.
I have noticed that in some areas they are raising the height of the railings on the motorway bridges.

nanafrancis Thu 26-May-11 10:02:35

I had an awful experience some years back when I was working and needed to be at a railway depot in Wimbledon for 9am.
A couple jumped off a bridge over the M25 and were killed by a lorry. It brought the M25 to a standstill and we were kept there for 2 hours until the bodies were dealt with and all drivers were interviewed by the police. I was in the next lane to the HGV and a couple of vehicles back. It was in the days before mobile phones and when I eventually arrived on site, I got a right ear bashing for being late and had to sit down and get on with my job when I felt like weeping. Although I felt bad, I shall never forget that poor lorry driver - I often wonder if he ever recovered from the ordeal which was none of his doing.
Since then I've always looked up at bridges and changed lanes, if I could, if anyone was over the lane I was in

harrigran Thu 26-May-11 13:52:14

Happened to my son and his family last summer nanafrancis. They were on their way to Britanny ferry and were kept on the motorway for so long (hours) they missed the ferry. I was so worried for them because of two DG, one just a baby but at least they did have a mobile. Take heed if you are travelling, don't just prepare for the couple of hours you expect to be on the road. My family's journey took 24 hours and left them traumatised.

getmehrt Thu 26-May-11 14:48:14

This is scary. I'd honestly never thought about the hazard represented by bridges before. I now have a whole new danger to worry about.

HildaW Wed 01-Jun-11 10:29:46

Oh yes getmehrt........worrying about all and sundry takes up half my day too!

helshea Fri 03-Jun-11 18:22:29

Am I the only one who actually shuts her eyes and breathes in when she is driving between a small gap in the road between parked cars... how dangerous is that? Luckily it's only for seconds! I hope!