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that my daughter was conned into 'sick' child sitting?

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Grumpyoldwoman Tue 31-May-11 19:42:02

Thank you HidaW. No ,I am not cross with J at all..but very angry with her neighbour. angry
Her neighbour has even let herself into their house before now to ''borrow'' something or use J's washing machine before they even get up !!!!!
She just shouts upstairs ''it's only me'' !!
There are times that J needs her neighbour to help her out (picking kids up from school etc) and I think 'give and take' is good...but sometimes L takes it too seriously !!!!!!
It is hard to tell J to say 'No' when she knows I am exactly the same !!!!

glassortwo Tue 31-May-11 19:33:43

That was very inconsiderate of your Daughters neighbour to put her and the children at risk of catching the bug, you deserve a rant, I would too.

HildaW Tue 31-May-11 19:29:36

Oh dear Grumpyoldwoman, rant away it does help. Your daughter was very much put upon and needs to learn to say no with a smile on her face. Whilst there are lovely people like her about there will always be thoughtless so and sos who will take advantage. To be quite honest she was put at risk given her condition. Dont be too cross with you daughter though, otherwise she wont let you know if something like this happens again...just try to give her the confidence to say no to so called friends.

Grumpyoldwoman Tue 31-May-11 19:20:52

My daughter, who would do anything for anyone was asked to look after her neighbours 5 yr old autistic child for a few hours. Mum was working and Dad had an interview.
Jane wondered why P hadn't gone to school but didn't like to ask.
He had been in the house all of 5 minutes when he 'threw up' all over 2 sofas, carpet, toys etc etc.
My daughter is 7 mths pregnant , has a 19mth old at home and 2 children at school.
I think this was very deceitful not to tell J that P had been sick all night and very unfair to the poor child.
J spent the rest of the day struggling with sofa covers and carpets to clean.
It makes me so cross when at the weekend we wouldn't hear of her coming within miles of our house when I wasn't well and Hubby was struggling due to his disabilities to look after himself.
I like to think that we had more consideration for her and her family !!
Rant Over !!!!!