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nanapug Thu 23-Jun-11 16:48:02

I have just had a lovely day watching my three young GCs at their school sports day. The weather being as it is at the moment caused a lot of discussion as to whether it should be postponed. It was decided that it would go ahead, but during the afternoon we had a heavy downpour. The children all sheltered in the bushes with lots of squeals of delight, and parents and grandparents sheltered under brollies etc. Then the sun cam out again and everything carried on. The problem was that lots of parents complained to the headmistress that the school should have stopped the day and continued next week. Am I being unreasonable in thinking that a little bit of rain won't do any harm? What will the children be like if we all make such a fuss about a shower of rain. They were all quite happy. Parents are soooo overprotective of their children. I made a point of telling the headmistress (who was quite upset by it all) that she made the right choice to carry on and she seemed pleased, it must be so hard to get it right.

baggythecrust! Thu 23-Jun-11 17:15:32

Well done you, nanapug.

grannyactivist Thu 23-Jun-11 17:26:01

Having attended many, many school events wearing either my parental or teacher's hat I understand the situation nanapug found herself in very well. Honestly, to hear some people talk you would think that a shower of rain has the potential to dissolve children. Similarly to ask some children to walk for more than five minutes can result in complaints (from child and parent) that Johnny/Jilly doesn't usually 'have' to walk. I once took a school party out to walk to the beach (1.2 miles) and after ten minutes walking one of the worst complaining children sat down and told me she couldn't go further and asked to be carried - she was seven years old!

Hunt Thu 23-Jun-11 17:32:21

Have you noticed that the young never seem to be equipped for bad weather. What happened to mackintosh capes , waterproof hats and wellingtons? As for the childrens' sports day, I bet it will be the one they remember '' when it poured with rain and we all sheltered under the bushes''. I used to tell my children ''You won't melt . You're not made of sugar''.

Divawithattitude Thu 23-Jun-11 18:19:12

do you know that is what my grandma used to say to me when I moaned about wet weather!

HildaW Thu 23-Jun-11 18:23:34

Some of my best memories as a child are all about going out with my darling Grandma for sea swimming or walks etc and coping with all weathers...we got cold, hot, wet then come home for the weather appropriate food and drinks and then feel tired and happy at an exciting day well spent, was part of childhood. Shivering after a bracing swim in the English sea at Easter to be rewarded with brisk rub downs and large slabs of ginger cake.....bliss!

baggythecrust! Fri 24-Jun-11 09:49:28

My mum was the one who moaned because we usually got the insides of our wellies wet as well as everything else. She had no idea!! Hard to believe when she had five adventurous kids. She went very white when, eventually, she asked my eldest brother how we did it.
John: We just went in too deep.
Mum: Too deep in what?
J: The pond in the field. You move really slowly and try not to let the surface tension break at the top of your wellies but it always does!

Science at its best!! smile

AmberGold Fri 24-Jun-11 10:59:48

I am always amazed at the size of children I see being pushed around in their buggies. Some of them must be about four and look perfectly capable of walking. There are a lot of "Martyr Mothers" around, and they are the ones that think children will melt.
I think you were right nanapug and I'm sure the Headmistress really appreciated your comments.