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loud music late at night

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Annika Sat 02-Jul-11 23:02:00

I love the summer ....but I do not love the sleepness nights that come with the warmer weather. We have poeple in the next street( yes street not next door) who feel the need to play their music so loud. It seems impossible to reason with them because they do not speak English, all we get is a nod of the head and a shrug of shoulders and still the music is not turned down at all.
We do not mind the odd party but every weekend is too much, so I ask am I being unreasonable hmm

Joan Sat 02-Jul-11 23:15:45

It won't stop unless you do something about it, and believe me, it will cause havoc to your nerves. I used to be a translator and remember translating a talk to the WHO by a noise specialist, which showed that being subject to regular, annoying noise is deeply unhealthy.

If the police are no help, try to find out their language and get a translator to come with you next time. It would be worth the expense - or if you belong to a church or a U3A you might well find someone who speaks their language. It might also be worth soliciting help from the neighbours who are also suffering - perhaps a few signatures.

They almost certainly knew what you were there for, and used their ethnicity as an excuse.

Joan Sat 02-Jul-11 23:16:56

PS You don't have to go there at night - wait till the next day, write down the times the noise went on and face them with it - but not alone!!!

Annika Sat 02-Jul-11 23:45:50

I agree with you Joan they certainly do know why someone is knocking on their door in the early hours of the morning when the music is playing so loud. Loud music has no language barrier !
As for getting a few signatures from neighbours, that may well prove a little difficult as many do not want to get involved as they do not want to appear to be racists.
I must say it has to be far worse for the families living next door to them, it must be unbareable for them I feel I am the lucky one as I am in the next street, but its surprising how far loud music will travel

harrigran Sun 03-Jul-11 00:15:28

UANBU Annika, loud music is noise pollution. Over a period of time it will drive you to distraction. Keep a dairy, dates, times and duration and then present it to the relevant authority.
A few years ago I had one particularly bad night where a neighbour left a radio on full volume from 10pm until 7.30am. He was profoundly deaf and had removed his hearing aids so nobody could make him hear. I could not sleep and became agitated and unwell, I was admitted to hospital because the Doctor said I was having a hypertensive crisis.

Joan Sun 03-Jul-11 02:13:56

Annika - no one would think you are being racist; this is a matter of their noise and your health - nothing else. But I agree there is a culture everywhere of 'I hope someone will do something about it but I don't want to get involved myself', so getting a bit of neighbourhood support might not work. Worth a try though.

pompa Sun 03-Jul-11 08:15:03

Annika, it is your Local Authority that deals with on going noise complaints, contact their Environment dept.
Check out this web site. :-