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I know I'm being unreasonable

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Zephrine Fri 26-Aug-11 15:22:34

My good friend and neighbour has moved away today and I have just seen the new people moving in. She is petite, has long blonde hair, full makeup, very tight jeans, high heels, a figure to die for and a silly little dog. Grrrrr.....

glassortwo Fri 26-Aug-11 15:30:47

grin grin she may be a nice person grin

greenmossgiel Fri 26-Aug-11 15:34:13

How stupid......moving in, dressed in high heels......! The dog sounds gormless too....! grin

glassortwo Fri 26-Aug-11 15:50:17

She will just be directing everyone else in case she breaks a nail......... hope she is not a Gran or I am in trouble grin

Zephrine Fri 26-Aug-11 15:58:54

I did say I was being unreasonable Glass blush Oh and she's not young, in her mid fifties I've been told - it didn't ought to be allowed!!

glassortwo Fri 26-Aug-11 16:00:46

Will you miss your old neighbour Zeph.

glassortwo Fri 26-Aug-11 16:01:36

Ohh look at the time I am going to be late for work, speak to you later smile

nanachrissy Fri 26-Aug-11 16:06:38

Hello, I've just moved in next door to a lady called Zephrine. She seems very nice. Hahahaha just kidding! grin grin

Zephrine Fri 26-Aug-11 16:11:59

Yes I will miss her a lot, she was the first person who knocked on my door and introduced herself after we moved in. We are the same age and had both just retired. We have had some hysterically funny times since then like the dinner party she gave when the first course hadn't worked, as she sat down after serving the main course her chair gave way and then the dessert curdled. We were helpless with laughter. She will eventually be moving back into the same town but on the other side so it won't be 'just finished mowing the lawn do you fancy a cuppa'

Zephrine Fri 26-Aug-11 16:25:20

No, it's not that side smile

absentgrana Fri 26-Aug-11 16:34:19

I think you're being a bit hard on the dog Zephrine. Just because he's little doesn't mean he's silly.

JessM Fri 26-Aug-11 16:36:57

Ah, you are missing your lovely neighbour. But don't judge a book by its cover. I know you know that really.

greenmossgiel Fri 26-Aug-11 16:58:51

I burst out laughing to myself when I read that bit about your friend's chair giving way and then her dessert curdled! That just appeals to me - I could picture it!! She'll miss you as well, without a doubt! grin

Zephrine Fri 26-Aug-11 17:06:17

O.K. Absent I'll give the dog a chance smile

Zephrine Fri 26-Aug-11 17:16:18

Green the funniest thing really was that her partner couldn't see what was funny and sat there with a perfectly straight face whilst three of us convulsed. Every time I looked at his mystified face it set me off again!

artygran Fri 26-Aug-11 18:35:58

If you see a post in a month or so that says "Just seen our new neighbours moving in - crusty old couple who look completely ga-ga. The removal men have just carried her in on a chair and she's banging away on her laptop already! Hope they're not incontinent"... that'll be our new neighbours - probably!

Hattie64 Fri 26-Aug-11 19:15:10

Zephrine, will you be making the first move and inviting in for a cup of tea/glass of wine, or wait for her to make the first move. Does she have a partner? if yes, he is a fit, tanned toy boy? You never know, she might be on Gransnet!!!

HildaW Fri 26-Aug-11 21:24:29

High heels and tight I right in thinking that thats a bit 'Essex'......I have no idea because around here everyone's idea of dressing up is to wash the muck of your wellies!

Anne58 Fri 26-Aug-11 21:36:40

Zephrine you know the old thing about "never judge a book by it's cover"?

Having said that, when looking for a book to read, I can't stand anything flashy, obvious or such, so who am I to comment!

Sorry to hear that you are losing a neighbour who seems to have become a good friend, I too laughed at the srory of the curdled desert etc, it would seem as if her partner wasn't on the same wavelength, his loss!

Zephrine Fri 26-Aug-11 22:16:38

Hattie yes she has a partner, sadly not a fit tanned boy grin and yes I will go and introduce myself.

Hilda Mmm very Essex and I should know I lived there for years!

absentgrana Sat 27-Aug-11 10:06:40

Have you met her yet Zephrine? I hope you find that you have misjudged her and she becomes a good neighbour and even a friend. Pat the dog, but check with his mistress first.

supernana Sat 27-Aug-11 13:23:15

...are the high heels, white?

Gally Sat 27-Aug-11 13:29:02 long as the partner hasn't got a heavy gold chain round his neck and a spot-the-join on the top of his head wink. I bet they are lovely people - I'm a shocker for jumping to conclusions - usually the wrong ones.

glammanana Sat 27-Aug-11 13:55:37

Oh Zephrine just read post about the antic's at the dinner party I would be unable to stop laughing it's a good job it was not on Come Dine with Me,let's hope your new neighbour's are as nice and that the dog is lovely as well,have you met them yet ?

majorcagirl Sat 27-Aug-11 16:32:26

we breathed a sigh of relief when our neighbours from hell moved, then got some even worse. first week, big domestic, both charged with assult, baby taken into care. shouldn't think either of them are over 21yrs.housing assoc. house like ours but we are married!!!You know what they say, better the devil you know.
PS I'm an essex gran, used to wear stillettos, more elastic stocking these days!