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Its refreshing to know that you are not the only one, thankgoodness for gransnet!

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bikergran Mon 05-Sep-11 07:51:25

After much trawling/lurking through gransnet over the last few is refreshing to know that others have the same problems/feelings/worries /happiness! etc etc that one have has.........!

wether it be worries about money/granchildren/relationships/personal space/feelings/bereavment etc I could go on forever.......

to think that there are others out there with the same problems and that you are not alone and in your own little world and if any of us have a problem or need to let of steam, we will not be chatised or slagged off. we will have advice independant advice from others (maybe wiser lol) some times when reading about other peoples problems then your own seem so trivial,

I love lurking around gransnet I spend so much time reading the posts I forget to post myself

soooooooo long live gransnet and all who sail in her cheers everyone
whooooooops wine forgot its only 8-00am cough! brew

glammanana Tue 06-Sep-11 19:15:16

biker any old bucket will do as long as it doesn't have a hole in it, oh I feel a party song coming on.

Hattie64 Tue 06-Sep-11 19:29:20

What I enjoy is the fact that we are mainly all the same age, knocking on a bit, only slightly mind you. Posters are also very free and open with their problems, no beating about the bush, even when there are a few difficult dil out there!!! and everybody seems to have a good sense of humour, because we are mainly women on here.

bikergran Tue 06-Sep-11 19:38:57

here here Hattie64 wine

glammanana cant find mop bucket...but got 5 gallon plastic water carrier used to use it when 3/4 full so hope thats enough for you..have put a hose in so just turn the tap on when ready... 5 mins and you will be destressed mins ! and you won't remember being! stressed enjoy............night all im shattered today off to bed soon...... smile