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To expect NS&I to be like other financial institutions

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Barrow Sun 25-Sep-11 18:16:51

My husband died recently and as I am the sole Executor of his Will and he left everything to me I assumed I would not need to apply for Probate. I checked this with a Solicitor and also spoke to the local Probate Office who confirmed this was the case.

The Land Registry have accepted a copy of his Death Certificate to transfer the property into my name, the Bank have accepted a copy of the Death Certificate, the insurance company paying his pension have accepted a copy of the Death Certificate. However, because he had more than £16,000 worth of Premium Bonds NS&I are insisting that I apply for Probate. I tried to explain that they are the only institution asking for this and it will put me to additional trouble and expense at a time when I could do without it - they won't budge. I offered to send tham a copy of the Will to prove he left everything to me but to no avail. Am I being unreasonable to expect NS&I to show a little compassion and common sense?

Elegran Sun 25-Sep-11 18:29:31

Barrow Sometimes I think these institutions are staffed by jobsworths who have no concept at all that their clients are human beings.

Would a letter from a solicitor (the one you asked about the probate?) make an impression on them? There is nothing like the heavy hand of the legal profession. It seems to have more impact than mere mortals. He/she can send, or offer to send, a copy of the will and death certificate to NS&I.

em Sun 25-Sep-11 18:42:11

Oh Barrow just when you thought you could see a slightly less stressful way, some very convoluted red tape gets in the way. Agree that solicitor might be able to help - possibly by notarising the will? I do hope someone can smooth the way at such a difficult time.

Barrow Mon 26-Sep-11 09:38:03

I did suggest to NS&I that I get the Solicitor to write to them sending a copy of the Will and Death Certificate but they say their rules are that if the amount held is over £16,000 they still require Probate. There is no leeway whatsoever. It seems they are unable to make decisions - just follow the standard procedure without any thought for the distress it causes others. I can't have the bonds transferred into my name - they have to be redeemed. I was then asked if I would want to reinvest the money with them!!!

Hattie64 Mon 26-Sep-11 19:36:49

You don't have to use the services of a Solicitor to obtain Probate, if the will is straightforward, you can do it yourself. It is extremely simple and painless and costs about £100. I did this when my Father died.

Barrow Tue 27-Sep-11 10:11:36

Hi Hattie - I worked for Solicitors for over 30 years so can get this done or do it myself - it is just that at this time I could do without the hassle. When the amount of premium bonds is probably the smallest part of the estate it just seems so silly that they are the only institution that requires probate.

Stansgran Tue 27-Sep-11 18:25:23

Barrow that is very useful to know that for £15000 you wouldn't need probate wit premium bonds. Thank you. I hope things follow through with less trouble.

Barrow Wed 28-Sep-11 16:17:20

I finally got my act together and started sorting out papers to send off for the Probate only to find my husband had filled out a form to redeem the bonds shortly before he died so I have posted this off to them - hopefully they will now just redeem the bonds!