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To ask if you create a limit for adult children/grandchildr ens' Christmas presents?

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greenmossgiel Mon 26-Sep-11 13:21:41

This year I'm really going to try to cut back on what I pay out for Christmas presents, especially for adults. Has anyone decided to try to put a limit on costs for this? hmm

harrigran Sun 02-Oct-11 23:52:53

I have three family birthdays in the seven days before Christmas and one is DS 40th. When he was young he got a gift during the summer, his official birthday.

Eleanorre Tue 01-Nov-11 23:09:49

A few years back we decided to stop all Christmas and birthday gifts. At the time there were no little children in the family and now that we have a couple they do , of course , get gifts . I found it such a relief not to have to think of what to buy. We did think about a secret Santa gift in case the children wondered why we did not get anything but I was delighted when it was agreed not to bother . My daughter still gets a cheque at Christmas and birthdays but son decided the younger generation should get his so his girls get a cheque as well to save for their future.

mickey Wed 02-Nov-11 09:23:52

This year I've knitted 3 jumpers in good quality wool. I,ve put time and effort into them and they are quite trendy. What with increased fuel bills coming up etc-it could be a nightmare. A great meal and good company should be what it's about-except for children of course-really adult pleasure is watching the kids.

Hattie64 Wed 02-Nov-11 19:45:56

We have 17 grandchildren between us!!! 4 over the age of 18, which is when we stop giving christmas presents. I try to budget at £20 per child, it is expected of us. I don't really mind, the OH does, and has a quiet grumble about the expense. As some reach the age of 18, another one is born, recent one 3 weeks ago. This is not the end of it though, our children also expect a present! It is really difficult to know how to stop this treadmill.

Annobel Wed 02-Nov-11 20:08:14

Hattie64, that sounds more like a tribe than a family. At that rate of increase, you will be a great gran in no time at all. Why don't you come to an agreement with your adult family members that you won't expect a presents from them if they don't expect them from you?