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Coincedences! heres one of about yours?

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bikergran Sat 01-Oct-11 19:13:06

I must say...physics.,mediums etc don't normaly come into my trian of thoughts...but "coincedences" do,! my latest one is, all week my daughter and partner have hummed n arred about going away this weekend as they have had alot on lately etc etc ..they couldnt choose a hotel...and decided not to go as too expensive..anyway at the last miniute (dont think you spell minute like that!!) ?? hmm?? anyway they decided to have quick look on net and they decided just to have one night in nice hotel rather than 2 nights in not so nice hotel....they went (ulswater in lake district)....etc etc booked in their room...! in the room on the table was a card saying..."with compliments hope you enjoy your stay, "Anthony Penny" (my daughter is called Penny her partner is called Anthony)!!my daughter said oh thats a nice touch!!(thinking it had been especialy printed for them) lol.. but when they read it properly..under neath it said...the manager! the manager was called...".*Anthony Penny*"!!!! wow! isnt that strange....also it turns out that my daughters partner knows the manager Anthony Penny, and used to work with him!....

Annika Sat 01-Oct-11 19:30:10

Here are two of mine.
(1) We had a new boss start work and we got chatting only to find that my daughter-in-law is his social worker who made it possible for him and his wife to adopt their lovely baby boy.
(2) My son and daughter-in-law (same one !) have just moved into their new house only to find that my neice has brought the house next door to them !smile

Carol Sat 01-Oct-11 21:53:03

I was looking for a house to move to and when I widened the internet search by another mile, up popped the very house I longed to live in when I was a child. Whenever I drove past, many years ago, I would always tell my passengers stories about when I used to play there over 50 years previously, and how I would love a 'gingerbread cottage' like that one. I have been living here happily for 5 years now.

dorsetpennt Sat 01-Oct-11 23:15:26

I lived in New York for several years. When my son was 2 and a half I took him to the local YMCA for swimming lessons. I met a Scottish girl there with her two children,and after a time we became friendly. One occasion she suggested that after the lesson the following week we treat the kids to a Macdonalds.So I gave her my surname and phone number - and of course we'd talked about our husbands etc. The following week arrived and she rushed up and said 'Did your husband use to work for so and so ten years ago? It transpired that our husband had worked for the same company and after that we all became firm friends.
Another time, again in New York, some friends had visitors who'd just been to the UK on holiday and even to where I now live in the UK. They were showing slides of their trip, telling me they'd met a charming couple on the paddleboat The Waverly who'd given them a bed for the night as the town was full due to it being a bank holiday. Suddenly up flashed a couple I knew with their two small boys, and they were the charming couple!
I've had several coincidences like these over the years.

Joan Sun 02-Oct-11 02:15:27

4 years ago I watched the film 'The History Boys'. One character was called James Lockwood, he was 28 and an army officer a lieutenant. He had studied history. His character was played by a lad with the surname Knott.

My son was 28, same name, was a Lieutnenant in the Army reserves, studied history, and his Gran's maiden name was Knott.

The film character died at 28 - my James was most relieved to turn 29!!!

bikergran Sun 02-Oct-11 08:49:35

wow makes you go all goose bumps reading these threads....Im a big beleiver in coincedences! smile

grandmaagain Sun 02-Oct-11 10:49:59

I have posted this on other threads but it still gives me goosebumps thinking about it.
I was born on a friday by forceps delivery, 5 days before my grandma"s birthday.
my grandaughter was born on a friday, by forceps, 5 days before my birthday!

absentgrana Mon 03-Oct-11 15:39:07

I reckon coincidences are just that and don't have any psychic or spiritual overtones or undertones. They just happen. However, the worst one in my life was that my father-in-law and my mother died on the same day, which was, coincidentally, my late aunt's birthday. My daughter reckoned that my aunt, who always loved a family party, thought it was about time. smile

harrigran Mon 03-Oct-11 23:28:29

When my MIL died my DH gave me her personal effects to pack up, when I picked up her wrist watch I found that it had stopped at the exact time that she died.

Amber Tue 04-Oct-11 12:24:00

When on Holiday in Eygpt, we were sat by the pool, a man sat near us with his family, asked where we came from as he recognised our somerset accent, I told him and said but you wont know our small village, he replied oh yes I do, I know someone else from there I work with him, he was one a colleague and friend of my cousins!

A few years ago I used to work with a statistion (not sure if thats the right spelling) he always said if you take a group of 25 people at least 2 of them will have family members that share a birthday, we didn't believe him so we tested it, although there were only 6 in our office , one of the women shared a birthday with my DIL and another with one of my DGD's

Amber Tue 04-Oct-11 12:25:46

sorry that should have read he was once a colleague

Faye Tue 04-Oct-11 12:32:01

Today my daughter showed me two photos of her friend together with her boyfriend which she had posted on facebook. The first photo was taken a year ago and in the background is a stranger walking by. In the second photo taken recently is the same friend again posing with her boyfriend after he had come back from a tour of duty in Iraq. In the background is the same stranger walking past in the background.

Oldgreymare Tue 04-Oct-11 19:34:49

Visiting Italy, tracing my Italian Grandad, we called at the Commune (sort of town hall) of the village where he was born. I had with me a postcard he had sent back to my Gran around 1918/19. There was great excitement in the office as their calendar for this year had the same picture, enlarged, along with 11 others, obviously a series of postcards showing views of the town as it then was.
They kindly photocopied them all for me except the one I already had!

maxgran Fri 07-Oct-11 15:20:10


Well, here is a coincidence,... The actor in that film, The History Boys.. Andrew Knott was at school with my son.

bikergran Fri 07-Oct-11 17:42:31

harigran that is strange as my friends husband died about 2 mnths ago.... he died at 4-50pm.....on the 13 july (their aniversary) a few weeks later I was dusting her sort of modern grandfather clock in the lounge (it has stopped working many months ago) I just happend to look at the time it had stopped and it ws 4-50 (not sure if it stopped am or pm you couldnt really tell) still felt spooky though.....

expatmaggie Fri 07-Oct-11 21:52:20

When my daugher was at Uni she said they had an English guest lecturer and she recognised the unusual name. She told me on the phone and I said it had to be my goddaughter. We had black and white photos of them all sitting on the lawn as children and my DD was in nappies! I had lost contact with the mother when I came to Germany.
Armed with these photos DD went back to Uni and after the lecture showed my goddaughter the photos . She was completely knocked over with the coincidence. The one in nappies is me said DD and they all laughed about it and spent some good evenings in Heidelberg together.
Later in England me and my friend got together again. We had been so close in our twenties but here the story ends. Neither of us wanted to resurect the friendship. We had grown out of it.

elizabethjoan Sun 09-Oct-11 22:46:30

and here are some nearest-and-dearest coincidences....
v close friend and my sister share birthday
another v close friend's brother and I share one
v close friend's wedding anniversary same as husband's birthday
our son shares birthday with close friend's son and a favourite uncle died same date.
daughter shares birthday with v close friend's daughter.
Makes you wonder about cosmic relationships whatever they might be and mean.

elizabethjoan Sun 09-Oct-11 22:49:09

I forgot to add my favourite.
We were having dinner with friends in Prince George, BC, Canada. Some guests were from S Africa, and knew v well a friend of ours from S Africa whom we were v close to in Belfast N Ireland.