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what to give child at xmas?

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chester21 Mon 03-Oct-11 16:29:55

I have a little boy who is 5 months and as its his first xmas I am being asked what would he like for Christmas? I have no idea what to say what did you all do for your childrens first Christmas.

grandmaagain Mon 03-Oct-11 17:29:37

we gave mum and dad some money to put in the bank for GCs or asked them what clothes or other practicle item they needed.

Annobel Mon 03-Oct-11 17:48:58

Perhaps he will be a crawler by Christmas, in which case toys with wheels will begin to come into their own, but nothing with bits that can be pulled off. And clothing always comes in useful. If I buy clothes for my GC, I provide a gift receipt, but you can't very well ask for these! For my first and third GCs' first Christmases (different families) I bought nice dogs on wheels which they were too young to push but they 'made friends' with them even before they could walk. And they were 'inherited' by younger brothers a couple of years later.

harrigran Mon 03-Oct-11 23:24:01

Shape sorters are very popular from 6 or 7 months, just basic ones. I found a lovely toy for my GC and they used it from 8 months , it was a circus tent with felt animals. When you pulled the animal through the top of the tent it made the noise and the animal's name. Babies love music so any soft toy that plays a tune, especially the ones that hang on cot and can be activated by baby.

Annobel Tue 04-Oct-11 08:15:24

You can have too much of a good thing! My GS, for his 1st birthday got so many toys that played tunes that they almost drove his parents crazy. Whenever the toybox was opened, something would start playing - more often than not, two different toys conflicting with each other. So be cautious about asking for 'musical' toys.

nanapug Tue 04-Oct-11 13:22:52

My fourth GC will be three months this Christmas, but my DD is very sensibly asking for, and buying herself, things that my GC will need in the future such as a high chair and even nappies (she uses cloth nappies). She wants the other children to think that the baby has presents to unwrap, but is of the opinion that the baby won't know so there is no need to spend money on things that are not necessary.

em Wed 05-Oct-11 09:36:32

I agree that for a very young child the more practical presents are best. For Christmas last year I gave money to my DD to keep until the baby's new room was ready so that she could then buy the cot. The older children did expect to 'help' open the baby's parcels so there were little gifts of clothes and books that they could read to her later. Don't think you can go wrong with books (even for a young baby) but duplications can be disappointing so take care there. Please don't do what one young friend did - return most of the gifts so that she could choose what she wanted instead. A gift may not be the perfect choice but it is given with love. Enjoy your baby's first Christmas and be sure to have an appropriate bauble for the tree!

chester21 Wed 05-Oct-11 10:04:47

a friend of mine suggested to make a list of stuff that we could do with so if anyone asks i can ive them an idea he isnt in his on room yet so definately got cot bedding on the list, he wil need some toys and clothes i know that some members of the close family are giving money but i know some people a uncomfortable in doing that.

goldengirl Wed 05-Oct-11 12:21:35

I like wooden toys and books for children - and in our family, clothes are also welcome.

glammanana Thu 06-Oct-11 15:31:17

Come Christmas the little man will no doubt have grown a bit so I would not recommend clothe's,some nice soft book's help with touch and feel teaching and gift voucher's so you can pick what he will need in the coming month's and you can choose for him.My DD used to put some of the present's DGs received away for later in the year so they alway's had a change of toy's .

babyjack Thu 06-Oct-11 22:41:25

A year ticket to a soft play area/zoo/ children's farm etc nearby attraction can be a nice gift.

GrannyTunnocks Thu 06-Oct-11 23:02:18

What a good idea babyjack

jogginggirl Thu 06-Oct-11 23:02:22

I think babyjack's is a great idea...............our g/d was given a zoo membership and is taken there regularly - it has already paid for itself and now she is bigger she loves the visits.........

chester21 Fri 07-Oct-11 14:40:53

love ur idea babyjack