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to ask for forgivness, for stealing my grandsons Haribo Horror Mix Sweets??

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bikergran Fri 21-Oct-11 20:28:33

You know when you just HAVE TO HAVE !! some thing sweet! like a piece of cake or whatever...well I had already eaten the last slither of mint Areo, I then had a slice of brown bread.hmm but noo I needed sweets,, I could have gone to the shop.but then would have lost my parking space, so I wracked my brains till they popped and THEN!!! I remember daughter giving me a packet of Haribo and a packet of them milk bottle chews (I know not very healthy but grandson only has a few now n then) here I am shjklwjowkcke[q'qdjANC'A, (sorry got a mouthfull)!! shock of yes here I am eating grandsons sweets...its ok hese not here tomorrow so I will march down town first thing and replace them...and he will be none the wiser.grin
Haribo anyone??? grin

Jacey Fri 21-Oct-11 20:33:08

naughty bikergran shock

but I know what you mean about suddenly getting a desire for something sweet or savoury hmm

jinglej Fri 21-Oct-11 20:49:38

You could be me bikergran!!! grin

bikergran Fri 21-Oct-11 20:52:16

I will share them if you don't tell!...I can whip round on my bike and post through your letter boxes grin

jinglej Fri 21-Oct-11 20:53:58

Have you got any freddos? grin

bikergran Fri 21-Oct-11 20:58:20

freddos oh I think they are the little choclate bars if i'm right? now then hmm where have I seen those? freddos...............let me think...........oh and American cream soda kaly (how do you spell cayli/Kalie/kayly)?

numberplease Fri 21-Oct-11 21:28:47

Ooooh, American Cream Soda Kali, the pink one, I hope? Lovely with a stick of liquorice to dip! If you`ve got that, I`m on my way round!

Jacey Sat 22-Oct-11 10:13:46

been to the shops this morning bikergran? grin

bikergran Sat 22-Oct-11 11:19:57

lol not as yet Jacey I shall be donning my bike gear very soon and burning some rubber! lol and on my travels a shall keep a look out for "feddo bars" & "American cream soda kali..." slurppppp I used to hate them really hard dark spanish yuk!! my hubby (being of the age he is) said they used to put them in a bottle with water and leave to to congeal for a week .....blaaaaaaaaa makes my stomach churn just thinking of it..confused

bikergran Sat 22-Oct-11 11:22:05

of course I mean "Freddos" dohhhhhhhh

gracesmum Sat 22-Oct-11 12:13:51

You could always justify your actions by saying that you are thinking of the little person's teeth? (Unlikely but true) Main thing is - apart from us, does anybody else know? If not, just buy some more! (And an extra packet for yourself)
Haribos are very hard to resist - were they the little packets? Moams likewise - in fact most childhood treats!

glammanana Sat 22-Oct-11 13:01:28

When I buy my DGCs sweets I always get some Gummy Bears just for me and Jelly Babies can't help myself I feel hard done by if the DGCs find the Gummy Bears first.

bikergran Sat 22-Oct-11 15:33:05

gracesmum lol ohhhhh nooooo nooooo....they were a giant packet lol..I would need a dozen of those tiny ones lol... oh sorry gals..I havnt been out as yet..but will keep eye out for the Freddos...and

gracesmum Sat 22-Oct-11 15:45:26

I have just bought a variety pack of mini sized bars, maltesers etc for Trick and Treaters - problem is can I resist them for a whole 9 days and will I have to switch the lights off and hide behind the sofa instead?

bikergran Sat 22-Oct-11 18:55:19

* gracesmum* ohhhhhhh that is fatal..... I think you will be going out to replentish your stocks before 9 days smile

glammanana Sat 22-Oct-11 22:42:35

Morrisons have reduced all their trick or treat bags to £1.00 so guess who bought 5 this afternoon,there are now 4 left,must hide them and forget where I have put them or will be in trouble.wink

bikergran Sun 23-Oct-11 08:45:03

lol @ glammanana

bikergran Sun 23-Oct-11 08:46:33

ohhhhhhhh you have jst broke my dream!!!! I dreamt of Freddos!! no!\I really did I can see them now in a cardboard display box..purple /green box...ohhh I cant think which shop.. grrr.. ....oh how strange as I had been talking about them....hmm

Faye Sun 23-Oct-11 09:35:01

Did someone mention Freddos. I love them soooo much I hardly leave any for my grandchildren. Then I have to go and buy some more and it all starts again. blush

jinglej Sun 23-Oct-11 10:31:28

They are a very good size for a quick bit of choc. Unless you plough on and eat all four that you bought for them.

glammanana Sun 23-Oct-11 10:35:41

freddos I luvvvvvvvvvvvv them

Faye Sun 23-Oct-11 10:51:36

Yes, they are a good size for a quick bit of chocolate, but I buy a packet of twenty and I can easily eat four Freddos in four minutes. Is that a record for Gransnetters? hmm

glammanana Sun 23-Oct-11 11:06:43

We could always arrange a competition no problem there wink

Libradi Sun 23-Oct-11 13:58:35

bikergran and gracesmum do you realise what you made me do last night? I opened my bag of mini sized chocolate bars that was sitting in the cupboard ready for Halloween Trick or Treaters. I was fine until you reminded me that they were there shock I've either got to buy more now or like gracesmum ...Hide blush

bikergran Sun 23-Oct-11 20:46:49

lol lol @ Libradi lol we knew you were hiding them and that we could tempt you to bring them out lol.....oh by the way I have been out and bought a new packet of Haribos...and I darnt open them as grandson will be here tomorrow hmm