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Dear Windows........Can't you do something to put our minds at rest?

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HildaW Tue 25-Oct-11 11:15:49

I have had yet another of those heavily accented phone calls that begins....'We are from the Windows Computer Desk' or something of that ilk, I rarely listen. One would have thought that a company with that much clout would be actively seeking a way of doing something about this scam. I am sure there are vunerable people out there who fall for this. Only the other day I was having a 'village' lunch and was sat next to a delightfuly elegant lady in her mid 80s who told me that she had had one such call but as she does not have a computer she did not fall for it. I know they are a scam but I still get a bit hot under the collar when I here the quite convincing 'script' they use. All Windows need to do it put some money behind a bit of an advertising campaign and I am sure we would all think the better of them.

elizabethjoan Wed 26-Oct-11 23:04:42

I just say ....thank you very much, but I 'm sorted. Phone down. So many of these call centre folk, who are not scammers, are bright and in thankless jobs, unable to get anything better and often with degrees. and just trying to earn an honest quid. Might be your family too!

granto7 Wed 26-Oct-11 23:34:01

I was advised to just say "will you wait a moment" and put the 'phone on the table for as long as it takes for THEM to get upset and "hang up".... It has worked ... up to now

Joan Thu 27-Oct-11 01:55:18

We get them here in Australia too - Asian accent saying there's something wrong with our Windows. I have told them there can't be, as we have Apple computers, but that doesn't stop them trying again. I read somewhere that you should hit the hash key (#) repeatedly as soon as you realise who it is, and it will mess up their software. Don't know if it's true but I did it and they havent tried again!!

Elegran Thu 27-Oct-11 08:36:59

That sounds worth trying Joan Banging the key as though it were their head will make you feel better anyway !

nutmeg Thu 27-Oct-11 17:04:29

when I get unwelcome calls,usually asking what I consider to be impertinent questions,or saying that they are conducting a survey, I now tell them that I have a few questions of my own before I reply, such as "whom do you represent, are you a commercial company,are you connected to the police, are you a government body?. I find they soon stop bothering me.