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AIBU to expect that the RBG keep their one powered wheelchair in repair and available?

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Elegran Wed 26-Oct-11 14:12:45

DH has just phoned the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden for the third time in about a fortnight to ask whether their one electric wheelchair (£2.50 a loan) is back in service. They have manual ones to borrow free, but there are some hills to me to push it up, and anyway, he wants to buzz around under his own steam.

There are not many days left when the weather will be suitable for visiting the Garden before winter sets in. We walk round the block almost every day, but a change is always welcome and it is definitely too far for him to walk round.

gracesmum Wed 26-Oct-11 14:21:16

No you are definitely NOT being unreasonable.

kittylester Wed 26-Oct-11 14:36:41

Elegran I agree with gracesmum you are not being unreasonable - make a fuss angry

Elegran Wed 26-Oct-11 15:14:30

I've emailed them to ask if there is any way they can speed up getting it fixed. I'm afraid I played on DHs terminal condition etc, which I do not like doing, but if that makes them get the finger out ......

But they must have a lot of elderly and disabled visitors who rely on their wheelchair to see the Gardens (which are magnificent - not in a flowery sense but for their rockery and Chinese Garden etc and they are better for trees than Kew IMHO) and not everyone has a sturdy pusher to shove them around in a manual one. Why does it take special pleading to get things done?

kittylester Wed 26-Oct-11 15:45:41

Sadly, there are lots of examples of people not thinking and it sometimes takes a kick up the whatsit to make them think!! Perhaps a bit of threatening about their "accessibility" policy would make a difference.

Elegran Thu 27-Oct-11 14:11:39

I'm waiting for a reply to my general email before starting on their accessibility policy. No answer yet.

jinglej Thu 27-Oct-11 14:29:01

Local paper!

Go on Elegran. Ring them.

And don't hold back on DH's condition.

Elegran Thu 27-Oct-11 14:46:17

You do like to propel people into the fray, jingly don't you?

Elegran Sat 29-Oct-11 17:50:42

I've had a very nice reply from the RBG. Their powered wheelchair was sent for what appeared to be a minor repair, but it turned out that it would need to be replaced. They are getting funding going for a replacement, plus two or three more.

glammanana Sat 29-Oct-11 18:10:54

Elegran is there any possibility of you hiring a motorbility chair for the day they do one that folds neatly into the back of a car,the charge's are reasonable and they can deliver & collect to your home,just a thought which may help you enjoy your day.thanks

Butternut Sat 29-Oct-11 18:24:01

This reminds me of the time I took my Mum, who was disabled and in a wheelchair, shopping. She needed the toilet, so off we go to find the disabled toilet facilities, which was LOCKED! I then went to find the correct office to ask for the key. Guess what? Nobody was there. To say I was furious is putting it lightly.
A very kind woman agreed to 'stand guard' outside the whole of the ladies' facilities while I sorted Mum out.
No response was forthcoming from the letter I later wrote to the Manager.

When I think of it it still makes me angry.

Elegran Sat 29-Oct-11 19:07:11

glammanana I must look into that. But the whole point was that we phoned ahead, booked the chair, and then just turned up and used it - no folding it up into the boot (I have tried that before, and they take quite a lot of musclepower to lift over the sill and stow in place) And no pushing up hills, just press the button and off we go.They have manual ones, but the bumff all said that there was this one powered one.

At some point we will have to bite the bullet and have one all the time (manual probably) but most of the time it is not needed, just for trips to places too tiring to walk around.

Heigh Ho!