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AIBU to expect size 10 ladies shoes?

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olliesgran Thu 27-Oct-11 19:00:40

Why are size 10 ladies shoes, wide fitting,only available in shiny finish and high heels????? Well I know why, there is a special market out there! But please, there are also some of us, real women, who would like a reasonable shoe, in a wide fitting, to do our shopping in! If any of you have that problem and solved it, could you let me know where I can find such items?

gracesmum Thu 27-Oct-11 19:14:44

Does Long Tall Sally do shoes? I have a friend who used to buy a lot of her clothes there - as you say, you want shoes for "real women"!

olliesgran Thu 27-Oct-11 19:18:48

I'll try them, didn't think of them for shoes!

Barrow Fri 28-Oct-11 11:09:40

I also wish there was a standardisation of clothes sizes. Depending on where I shop I can wear 3 different sizes! Also when are manufacturers going to realise that "slightly older" ladies like to cover their upper arms - if they do put in sleeves they are too narrow. Ok Ok I know I am overweight but that doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to buy nice clothes that fit!

Stansgran Fri 28-Oct-11 11:29:32

I have a relative with 9 and a half size feet and she goes to a place in Bath Kitty something- would probably be on the net-I have narrow feet but 8 and a half and use John Inglis in Peebles by post
I'm with Barrow all the way about sleeves-old elbows are horrid-Isme supposedly do them but I didn't like anything I saw. I generally like East and always wear jackets.

Cressida Fri 28-Oct-11 13:55:17

Evans sell shoes up to a size 11 but it's possibly a bit hit & miss whether they would have them in-store. Check out their website.

olliesgran Fri 28-Oct-11 14:07:49

Thanks Cressida. I used to buy all my shoes there, but unfortunatly, they have moved away from leather, they use "man made material" for the vast majority of their shoes now. And my feet don't like!!!Still I found 2 pairs on their website, leather, sent for them, we'll see! It just seemed that the shoes available in these large sizes are more aimed at the transvestite market than the likes of me! High heels, gaudy colours, sparkle even. Good luck to them, but give me black lace up anyday!