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Clock movement

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borstalgran Fri 28-Oct-11 16:47:48

Is it unreasonable to hope we stop this twice yearly clock change? Perhaps it was useful when there were many farmers who had to milk at the crack of dawn, but now ...? It's not as if we get any more overall day length.
It seems that there are more deaths in spring as clocks go forward and it takes children, in particular, a long time to sort out body clocks.
The governments discuss but don't do. It took the Commonwealth to shift the laws of accession; maybe they can sort this issue too?

Elegran Fri 28-Oct-11 16:50:35

There is already a thread on this, borstalgran It is "Why do we have to put the clocks back?"

borstalgran Fri 28-Oct-11 17:32:08

Aplogies = checked forums, but didn't find it. Ignore!