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neighbours pet rabbit in my garden!

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lucid Mon 31-Oct-11 11:42:58

A neighbour (2 doors down from us) has a black lop eared rabbit that they don't keep caged and it seems to spend most of its time in our garden. We have captured it and taken it back but it keeps reappearing. We have 2 cats and, at first, we were worried that the cats would attack the rabbit but the opposite seems to be the case. We are also concerned about the rabbits welfare, there are foxes and buzzards where we live.
AIBU in expecting this lovely pet rabbit to be cared for? angry

carboncareful Mon 31-Oct-11 12:03:08

Maybe its better to risk foxes & buzzards than be shut up in a hutch for life.

Carol Mon 31-Oct-11 12:30:55

There's a rabbit that lives in my son's garden, where they keep their own rabbit in a hutch and occasionally allow it to eat dock leave in the rough grass. The rabbit that lives somewhere else never seems to go home and has wintered in their garden last year with no ill effect. You just need to watch out if yo've got crocuses in the spring - they love 'em.

Notsogrand Mon 31-Oct-11 12:39:08

If I wanted a rabbit roaming free in my garden, nibbling at choice bits of my plants and pooing where it chose....I'd buy one myself!

You are NOT being unreasonable.

tanith Mon 31-Oct-11 12:42:26

I'm amazed if you have foxes that the rabbit is surviving , my daughter has lost rabbits to foxes from cages and runs they just are so wily.. she now has to keep the rabbits in cages inside a locked shed until she can put them in their run and sit right beside them while they have a scamper about.. I don't know what the answer is if they owner could care less , maybe call the RSPCA but they hardly seem to bother with loose animals nowadays ..

Jacey Mon 31-Oct-11 15:08:35

Sorry lucid about your predicament ...but perhaps the 'owners' don't really want it ...hence, the lack of a secure enclosure.

But ...[very naughty] emocion ...the idea of rabbit stew did cross my mind. Remember my grandparents often having one 'hanging' at bottom of back stairs ...such an under-rated meat these days...perhaps as still viewed as a 'poor man's meal' hmm

lucid Mon 31-Oct-11 17:08:04

Please don't mention rabbit stew! My aunt once cooked a rabbit stew which I thoroughly enjoyed until she told me what it was and I promptly brought it all back up.
We are keeping an eye out for it and if it seems to be suffering we will probably take it to our local pet rescue place. I just wish the owners would take responsibility for their pet.

Hattie64 Mon 31-Oct-11 19:58:33

My neighbours also have a pet rabbit free to roam, it has twice got into my back garden, closely followed by the neighbours, as I have two border terriers who would kill it. They did have two rabbits, but a fox got one last year.

Jeany Tue 01-Nov-11 12:28:25

I think you are being very kind, Lucid, to keep an eye out for the rabbit. I have been looking after the family rabbit for the last year and although he lives in a hutch in the garage I let him out to roam most days as I don't like animals to be cooped up. He only got out of the garden once. I wouldn't leave him out overnight because of foxes though. I used to think rabbits were a boring pet but I've grown very fond of Basil since I had him. He has a calming effect on me.