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apricot Wed 02-Nov-11 20:31:13

AIBU finding Mumsnet much more informative/entertaining than Gransnet?
I'm tempted to join them but would I have to lie about my age? Of course we're all parents as well as grandparents but would Mumsnet prefer wrinklies to stay here and out of their way?

jingle Mon 14-Nov-11 14:12:50

I saw that thread. I think it is AWFUL. How can they go on about their mothers like that?! Do the young have no tolerance, not to mention love, these days?

absentgrana Mon 14-Nov-11 15:26:01

jingle I was quite shocked too.

glassortwo Mon 14-Nov-11 20:16:21

I have just been over to MN to have a look, was a little reluctant in case my DD had posted as we do have our moments, living together makes things difficult sometimes. A few of those posters need a little more tolerance and love for their Mums. you only have one Mum I hope they realise that before its too late.

bagitha Mon 14-Nov-11 20:44:30

I had a look too. I wasn't shocked. I thought some of it was quite funny and quite a few (most) of the posters obviously do love their mums, they just find them irritating for various reasons. Nothing shocking about that. My daughters take the piss out of me to my face but they're also very sweet and unendingly impressive. smile

jingle Mon 14-Nov-11 21:09:04

Do you still post over there Bagitha?

maxgran Tue 15-Nov-11 15:04:53

Both my children find me irritating. I find them irritating too but that doesn't mean we don't all love each other. I have in-laws who are all very polite to each other. I would hate my children to be all formal and polite cos we all like having a dig at each other.

Carol Tue 15-Nov-11 15:22:58

My children are irritated by me every now and again, as much as they irritate me, but we have all agreed we're glad we don't have to be formal and polite all the time and can say we need a bit of space from each other. If any one of us gets a bit too much to handle, we get brought back down to earth by the rest of the family. Wouldn't have it any other way.

absentgrana Tue 15-Nov-11 15:30:18

How families operate within the family is one thing, but having a group moan about mothers is slightly different. I was a bit shocked by the accusations of racism particularly, as well as other unpleasant views and traits being bandied about, in addition to the ingratitude for their mothers' willingness to help out.

Carol Tue 15-Nov-11 15:45:05

Phew....! I just had a read of that Mumsnet thread and was disconcerted by the unpleasant way the issue was being discussed. I hope I was a bit more mature when I was discussing my mum with other people back then. It's interesting how the culture of a forum like Mumsnet has led these young women to give themselves permission to talk so disrespectfully with each other.

bagitha Tue 15-Nov-11 17:00:00

I didn't read the whole thread but what I did read seemed allright to me. If your mum is racist (makes racist remarks, etc) why is it disrespectful to say so? I found it reassuring that they recognised racism even in their own parents. With the anonymity that an online forum provides, who knows but they will have the courage eventually to express their distate at racist remarks even to their mothers? No need to put up with racism from anyone. I would tell my mother I thought she was being racist, if I did think so. Thankfully, she never has been.

Ingratitude for a mother's willingness to help out is something else and I would have found that shocking.

Annobel Tue 15-Nov-11 17:13:51

If my sons thought I was being racist or homophobic they would certainly tell me and rightly so. If I irritate them in any way, we can talk about it adult to adult.

Carol Tue 15-Nov-11 17:18:01

Yes, I would expect to be pulled up about racist or homophobic remarks. I was referring to the general tone of the discussion, which went wider than those specific issues. The way mums were being referred to was most disrespectful, and could have been phrased in better ways that would not alienate the reader.

jingle Tue 15-Nov-11 17:20:32

Nothing wrong with the odd dig, is there Maxgran! grin

yogagran Tue 15-Nov-11 17:26:48

You've all made me interested to find out more about this topic but I can't find the right thread on MN. Could someone please point me in the right direction?

jingle Tue 15-Nov-11 17:33:21 Yogagran

jingle Tue 15-Nov-11 17:34:45

Now that's funny. Comes up Page not found.

Look under Last day yoga. AIBU

jingle Tue 15-Nov-11 17:35:32

I think GNHQ don't want site wars! grin

jingle Tue 15-Nov-11 17:36:36

jingle Tue 15-Nov-11 17:37:19

Nope! How funny!

bagitha Tue 15-Nov-11 17:41:15

If you type "as you get older" in the search box top right, it comes up OK.

Annobel Tue 15-Nov-11 18:02:57

Thanks, bags, I found it that way. I think it's a fairly pathetic thread, but what did come thorough in most cases was that, although they did feel irritated by their mothers, there was also a good deal of affection. I wonder what sons would say about their mums - perhaps I'd rather not know! My mother used to drive me mad and on one occasion I did put the phone down on her, but even after 29 years, I still miss her and wish she could have known her GGCs.

Grannylin Tue 15-Nov-11 18:19:58

I've just had a look too but have to say it made me laugh out loud recognising some of my own strange quirks.

kittylester Tue 15-Nov-11 18:24:27

I haven't read that thread but found interesting threads on problems my youngest daughter is having with her pregnancy. I have to say they did nothing to reassure me but were supportive of each other and very enlightening for me sad

greenmossgiel Tue 15-Nov-11 18:32:15

Just found that thread on Mumsnet and I can identify with some of the comments regarding how they get irritated by their mothers - I did too, with mine, when I became older and had my own family! The part of their lives they haven't yet reached though, is the one where they start to worry about their grown up families....! They've got that to come, and you can't 'put an old head on young shoulders', can you? Apparently I've been repeating myself a lot lately, too, according to my son....I used my old MIL's comment to reply, saying, "You'll be old yourself one day!" to which HE replied, "You're always saying that as well." hmm

yogagran Tue 15-Nov-11 22:29:09

Thanks Bagitha - found it at last. Makes very interesting reading. I wonder how our generation would have responded to the same question 40 years ago