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Goodbye, Goodbye, I'm leaving you goodbye !!!

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Grumpyoldwoman Thu 03-Nov-11 09:53:08

Thank you for your have been a lifesaver as I get so lonely.....but as I have upset my daughter so much by posting on the recent ''looking after grandchildren'' thread, I will bid you all a fond farewell.
I love my children too much to ever upset them, and it was never my intention but she hates the thought of me ''slagging her off behind her back''....I have discussed with her what I have said but she is very hurt.
Good luck everyone with everything you do..I will miss you all.

lots of love GOW sad sad sad xxxx

Grumpyoldwoman Thu 03-Nov-11 09:55:42

btw ...did not know which topic to start this thread ...maybe this wasn't the right heading !!!

jingle Thu 03-Nov-11 09:58:31

Never mind about the heading! That is sooo sad.

Can't you de-register and then come back under a new name. If you keep it similar we will know who you are.


susiecb Thu 03-Nov-11 10:00:06

Yes re- register I'm sure HQ will help you - dont let the tail wag the dog this is your space!

jingle Thu 03-Nov-11 10:00:45

OR - you can have a comnpletely new name and use a pre-arranged code in your first post, so that we know who you are.

gillybob Thu 03-Nov-11 10:03:15

Yeah grumpyoldwoman. I had a similar experience and HQ will help you change your name.. Good luck.

bagitha Thu 03-Nov-11 10:06:21

My first thought after "oh, what a shame!" was: so, daughter has confirmed her selfishness, then. grumpy told us how exhausting she was finding her daughter's demands on her time and instead of feeling sorry about that and supporting her mother, daughter gets upset about mum being horrid to her. Me, me, me! syndrome. sad

Annobel Thu 03-Nov-11 10:06:41

GOW, don't go. We will miss you. Your daughter need never know that you are still with us if you change your identity. Is it presumptuous to say that I think you need GN as an outlet, the way many of us do? This should be a safe place for us.

glassortwo Thu 03-Nov-11 10:41:02

grumpy oh I am so sorry that it has come to this, please put yourself first!

Notsogrand Thu 03-Nov-11 10:44:00

grumpy please try and find a way to stay with us!

lucid Thu 03-Nov-11 10:45:02

Hope we can help you to change your mind.....don't let your daughter rule your life. Please stay.

grannyactivist Thu 03-Nov-11 10:58:33

GOW you say your daughter hates the idea of you "slagging her off" behind her back and I can understand that she might feel hurt that you have shared some 'family' stuff here which seems to demonstrate that she doesn't understand the strain you're under, BUT does she REALLY want you to cut yourself off from your support network? If she does, then I'm sorry to say that she doesn't appear to have your best interests at heart and her wishes can be ignored. sad

You say you love your children too much to ever upset them, but is it ok for them to upset you? I sometimes manage to upset one of my children and vice versa, but we're adults who love each other and we get over it. Please GOW, don't cut yourself off from Gransnet when it's obviously providing you with some much needed support.

Ariadne Thu 03-Nov-11 11:02:38

PLEASE do what the other Grans suggest! You have so much on your plate at the moment, and I do think sharing the load helps. Hugs xxxx

Carol Thu 03-Nov-11 11:09:10

Oh dear, your daughter has confirmed that she is quite controlling and has power over your life. I am really sorry you have been placed in this predicament, because you don't want to jeopardise your family relationship. But you are entitled to have the support you choose. Whatever you decide, we will be here to support you and wish you well.

GoldenGran Thu 03-Nov-11 11:10:48

GOW please stay, this is a great network, you are an invaluable part of it. Can you not have some negotiations with her as to what is off limits. Also change your identity, whatever you do, we want you here, hugs xxx.sad

GoldenGran Thu 03-Nov-11 11:12:28

PS don't give into the control, sometimes these daughters of ours can be too bossy x

Jacey Thu 03-Nov-11 11:14:09

Oh GOW that is so sad!! Perhaps your daughter 'over-reacted' because she had a sense of shame about the way she's been using you. confused

But I do have to agree with the others need a support net-work and many of us would like to think that those on Gransnet have been there for you.

Please re-think your decision ...whatever you decide ...Best Wishes (((hugs)))

Butternut Thu 03-Nov-11 11:38:05

Oh GOW, what a pity it would be if you left GN.

Everyone needs a support network, and GN has a great one, and you certainly deserve some time to be just you.

Perhaps you might like to consider re-registering, as others have suggested, when you feel more settled.

I see no reason why your daughter should know!

Take care, and maybe see you again soon.......thanks

gangy5 Thu 03-Nov-11 11:42:44

GOW you must come back in disguise. It is so nice to have this online community to discuss things and to give those who need it a little comfort and maybe peace of mind. Go on GOW do it!!

Butternut Thu 03-Nov-11 11:44:25

and.......everyone deserves to be heard in a safe environment......and I really feel that GN can offer you that.

MaggieP Thu 03-Nov-11 11:49:51

I too am sending you support GOW.
I really enjoy Gransnet and have never done this before, it's fun, interesting and so many features which are worth reading and joining in with others, even though we only know the names we all subscribe to, I feel as if I know many of you just by the Forums.
Please do re join under another alias, you will miss us otherwise and we will miss you.
Surely your family need not spoil your enjoyment?
Best wishesthanks

absentgrana Thu 03-Nov-11 11:51:45

Grumpyoldwoman "Slagging her off"? I've read your posts and I don't think so. Clearly your life is demanding and stressful – physically and emotionally – and if you want to have an outlet for your feelings, where better than here? Of all the nicknames you could have chosen, I have to say that yours is totally inappropriate – well, certainly the first part. Don't go away for good – come back in another incarnation.

gracesmum Thu 03-Nov-11 11:55:23

GOW my dear- your DD has been outvoted by Gransnetters - do please come back under an assumed name (all very cloak and dagger) but if I may give one piece of advice (no, not how to suck eggs) do not share "social networking" ever, ever, ever with your children. I would NOT like to read comments about me on MN (If she posts) and I won't have any of our daughters ad "friends" on Facebook - I want to post my own inconsequential twaddle in complete anonymity. It's like talking to a stranger on a train - you can be much more frank safe in the knowledge you will never see them again - in the same way I do not know if any GNetters are friends (OK you all are, you know what I mean!)

gangy5 Thu 03-Nov-11 11:58:23

That made me giggle gracesmum - your inconsequential twaddle!!

GoldenGran Thu 03-Nov-11 11:59:59

gracesmum you are right. I would not stalk my children on Facebook, nor would I want them to read what I put on here, whatever it is. This is my space to share with other Gransnetters, it is , for me. a safe house. gow get a disguise and come back.x