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Michael Fri 04-Nov-11 18:11:38

Grannies are only cute on TV. In real life, they,re like Oxfam shops on legs. smile

glammanana Sun 06-Nov-11 14:12:28

riclorian I'd call it selective hearing or put a new battery in the hearing aid syndrome.

greenmossgiel Sun 06-Nov-11 15:46:27

Michael, we're only kidding! We can get a bit carried away with ourselves sometimes, but it's only for a laugh! Just looked at your profile, and you have a lovely family. Come back and have a blether with us? smile

FlicketyB Sun 06-Nov-11 16:02:23

I think Michael is being rather silly. A grandmother can be 34 or 104, can be any nationality and culture in the world, dressed in traditional clothing or haute couture, a fulltime housewife or the managing director of a multinational company and so the range of variables can continue. They cannot possibly be all summed up in four short words. He should get out more.

Ariadne Sun 06-Nov-11 17:40:48

Couldn't have put it better myself, FlicketyB! Why are we bothering with what an extremely silly man thinks is funny?

greenmossgiel Sun 06-Nov-11 18:19:32

Does it really matter that much? Michael made a silly comment, and he maybe feels a bit out of his depth now. Let it go? hmm

Faye Sun 06-Nov-11 19:04:41

I think Michael was teasing us and waiting for us to bite, that's what men do. My brother still does it and he is 55 years old, he hasn't changed. Just imagine 55 years of being tormented by a little brother. hmm