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yogagran Fri 04-Nov-11 19:00:02

A series of 12 posters for next years Olympic Games has just been unveiled at Tate Britain, am I alone in being disappointed in the designs?

I never believed that anything associated with the 2012 Olympics could be worse than the logo. But I'm wrong!
Perhaps we should have opened up the competition for the design of the posters to art students instead of "established artists"

JessM Thu 10-Nov-11 21:19:37

maybe we should pull ourselves together and start being positive instead of whingeing poms. I have got some tickets for the athletics!!!! I am looking forward to it and it will be happening before we know it!

Annobel Thu 10-Nov-11 21:56:54

I am with you, JessM. I love watching sport of almost any kind - well, NOT motor sport. How can we hope to inspire the younger generations if we take a negative view of the Olympics? I remember the 1948 Games, when I was only 7, and the excitement they caused across the whole nation even though few regions at the time had television. I'm sure the 2012 Games will be equally exciting and, I hope, get the youngsters off their computers and onto the playing fields, swimming pools and athletics tracks.

crimson Thu 10-Nov-11 22:05:35

I am being positive; I'm positive it's going to be a disaster sad and really worried that, with all the world economies falling to bits no one will come here to see it sad sad...

crimson Thu 10-Nov-11 22:06:26

..which means we'll be able to get tickets...wink

Jacey Fri 11-Nov-11 12:58:23

Yes Annobel I love watching most sports ...and am looking forward to the actual events too. smile It's the " publicity" aspect I'm unhappy with. I'm sure there are many who were not impressed by 'London's offering' at the 2008 closing ceremony.sad

Annobel Fri 11-Nov-11 13:03:34

Agree about the London bus etc at the 2008 closing ceremony. I hope that taught them a lesson and that they don't have Boris waffling on about wiff-waff! In fact, if Boris is still Mayor next summer, a hefty dose of laryngitis would be in order. And I do not see the point of those 'arty' posters. Why can't they do anything in a straightforward manner?

absentgrana Fri 11-Nov-11 13:06:37

Wouldn't they have done better to ask final year students of graphic art to design the posters?

Annobel Fri 11-Nov-11 13:20:49

Alternatively, primary school kids - maybe Blue Peter could have had a competition.

yogagran Fri 11-Nov-11 19:15:44

That's how it should have been done Annobel - they would have been better

Jacey Fri 11-Nov-11 19:45:06

Yes a children's/student's competition would have been good ...after all the Radio Times did one for the wedding this year ...with some super results.

It would have been another way to involve the wider public too!

yogagran Tue 06-Dec-11 23:22:47

I've just seen the design of the stamps that will be issued to commemorate the Olympic and I'm pleasantly surprised. They're stylish, appropriate and very good. So it can be done after all

grannyactivist Wed 07-Dec-11 01:08:04

The posters: no, I'm not keen on any of them. I think that an open competition, with differing age groups, would have certainly offered a cheaper - and in my view - a much more interesting, interpretation of the games. Off to check out the stylish stamps now.

grannyactivist Wed 07-Dec-11 01:12:24

Agreed yoga, the stamps are certainly better, but spoiled by having that silly little logo on them. hmm