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AIBU wonder, when in the bath......

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jingle Tue 15-Nov-11 11:44:42

(especially when you do practically nothing not very much all day) how the water, all clear, and silvery bubbles when you get in, can turn into a really murky shade of grey when you come to rinse off!?

Where does it come from? It should still be as pure as the driven! shock

After all, I've had clothes on all day.

HildaW Tue 15-Nov-11 12:02:29

He he Jingle......ignoring the fact that you just might just be a mucky pup....AND trying to be serious.......perhaps your water is very hard or something. Since weve moved away from jolly old Thames Water our cups of tea no longer have that nasty film on top that appeared even when you had used a clean kettle and a tea pot!

Annobel Tue 15-Nov-11 12:06:45

Dead skin, Jingle. grin

jingle Tue 15-Nov-11 12:16:06

Annobel - eeeuuurgh!!!

Hilda, definitely hard water area. (Grandson (age 6) said, at the weekend, eurgh, the toilet's dirty! - NO! I haven't scrubbed at the limescale for a couple of weeks! hmm)

Greatnan Tue 15-Nov-11 14:34:23

I use cheap white vinegar to clear limescale - works better than all the commercial products.
The Japanese think we are very dirty to sit in our own bath water!

glassortwo Tue 15-Nov-11 14:41:27

jingly I just knew this was your thread when I read the title grin Just a mucky pup grin

riclorian Tue 15-Nov-11 15:05:13

Thanks for that tip Greatnan-- another good 'vinegar' tip !!

jingle Tue 15-Nov-11 19:29:36

Shut up glass!

I have a quick shower off afterwards. Belt and braces me.

bagitha Tue 15-Nov-11 19:35:08

Soap makes gunky stuff in water too, but I suppose mucky pups don't use soap so it can't be that, can it, jings?

Greatnan Tue 15-Nov-11 19:42:35

I saw a blind woman on TV who said that she checked how clean her home was by touch, and I now run my fingers over my working surfaces and the bath to make sure they are really immaculate. (O.K. mild OCD!)

bagitha Tue 15-Nov-11 19:51:43

My mum taught me to do that, greatnan smile. It hadn't occurred to me until just now that she might have mild OCD, but she cannot enter a room in her house and not alter the hang of the curtains if someone else has touched them. In any case, I've found the sense of touch very useful for checking how clean things are. Also the sense of smell when appropriate.

Gally Tue 15-Nov-11 20:25:56

I do it the other way round Jingle. Have a shower and wash hair then get into the bath for a luxuriating soak in l'Occitane Rose 4 Reine - bliss grin

Hattie64 Tue 15-Nov-11 20:29:10

Yes sense of smell is very appropriate, if your house pongs, then you definately need to spray something sweet, or even, if you feel upto it, perhaps a bit of cleaning.
Soap is the worst for scum, terrible for the skin as well, and also causes smelly armpits.

Butternut Tue 15-Nov-11 21:14:30

Ok - so does anyone still use flannels? I do and still boil them because they can become a bit smelly. The kids used to say we were having 'flannels for tea' when they saw them boiling on the stove. Still do it the same way. shock

bagitha Tue 15-Nov-11 21:17:02

I use a flannel and I chuck it in a hot wash with bedding or towels.

jingle Tue 15-Nov-11 21:20:01

I've got a flannel. The only one in our family who hasn't is my son, and I'm sure his face never as clean as it could be. I wish he'd let me wash it for him. But he's thirty.

jingle Tue 15-Nov-11 21:21:03

or he could be thirtyone. I don't know.

Butternut Tue 15-Nov-11 21:22:33

Biggest laugh I've had all day, jingle - thanks!

jingle Tue 15-Nov-11 21:25:52

Well, some things in life, Butternut, need discussing. grin

glammanana Tue 15-Nov-11 21:29:05

jingle maybe he could be twentynine or even thirtytwo depends how long you where pregnant ? he-he grin

yogagran Tue 15-Nov-11 23:09:01

Like bags I use a flannel and it goes in the wash with towels etc.

BTW - why is it that bath towels get so dirty?

harrigran Tue 15-Nov-11 23:31:22

I use a flannel, I don't know how you can clean behind your ears without one. Men tend to use their hands to scoop water over their face and it ends up all over the bathroom floor. My flannels go in with the towel wash.
I never have baths, too much faff.

Greatnan Wed 16-Nov-11 14:27:21

One reason for choosing my flat was that it has a bath - I find it really relaxing to soak with a cup of tea.
I don't use soap at all - I find water is all I need. I have used nothing but cold water on my face for 12 years, ever since I stopped using make-up, except for a little cheap cold cream when I go out in the wind. It amazes me that women spend fortunes on products which are almost certainly no better than Vaseline.

HildaW Wed 16-Nov-11 15:38:18

I'm a daily showerer but have baths when I want to have a good ole soak. I use just a bit of stuff from the 'Sanex' range (I hate the name but its lovely and gentle). But in the bath I always have half a dozen drops of pure lavender oil and sometimes something else depending on the mood. Clary sage is good for lifting the spirts whilst Ylang ylang is just a bit sensuous (ooh get me!)

greenmossgiel Wed 16-Nov-11 15:58:25

I only have a bath (no shower in our wee house)! But I love my bath-time! I take a cuppa and book with me and lie there for ages. I'd heard that you should dilute aromatherapy oils in milk or something before adding them to the bath, but I've never done that as yet. Geranium is a lovely relaxing one, too. I have really dry skin, so have to use Oilatum as well, so perhaps that would work as the 'carrier' instead of milk, perhaps? hmm