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AIBU create a (new) little quiet corner?

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grannyactivist Mon 28-Nov-11 11:45:47

brew cupcake always available.

glammanana Mon 28-Nov-11 18:40:42

Can I tell you all about the fabulous painting supernana kindly sent for my DGs5 of the kitten he got for his birthday in August,I am going to get it mounted and framed and he will have a lovely surprise on Christmas morning, supernana can most certainly live up to her name she is a gem and the painting is so lifelike it's like looking at poppy's double,a very happy little boy I think when he open's his gift. thanks again x

GoldenGran Mon 28-Nov-11 19:02:14

Glammanana how lovely, she is an amazing lady, your GS will love it. Harrigran thanks

harrigran Mon 28-Nov-11 21:27:51

supernana you could have a thriving business. There are probably several thousand Grans who would like paintings of pets or grandchildren. a very special talent thanks

Carol Tue 29-Nov-11 08:24:34

supernana that's great to hear - you are a very gifted woman, judging by what you have created here on Gransnet thanks. Your grandson will have a special present and come to understand the effort that has gone into it glammanana thanks. Will you tell us what his reaction was like when he has seen his lovely present? x

glammanana Tue 29-Nov-11 08:50:10

When Father Christmas brings me a new camera as a surprise for Christmas I will post pictures of Luke and his precious Poppy for you all to see, he has a look of The Milky Bar Kid with his fab red framed spec's.

kittylester Tue 29-Nov-11 11:28:00

Are there any earplugs in here? Some men have started digging the road up outside and I had a headache to start with! Luckily, I am taking my mum to see the 'memory' doctor in a minute - I don't think he will have much luck in finding hers but he might catch mine on its way out! grin

supernana Tue 29-Nov-11 11:41:31

I'm all of a blush thanks for the lovely uplifting comments. Well, I love painting portraits of pets. Do need good clear images. My little man's travel fund tin could be like a "donation" box to which happy GN's could put a small contribution if they are happy with my efforts. Enough said! x

supernana Sat 10-Dec-11 12:42:40

I haven't been in the quiet corner for ages. Just thought I'd pop in to tell you about what I'll be up to over the next two days. Tomorrow I'm on a near starvation diet. Two sachets of dreaded Picalax lurk in the cupboard. After breakfast, I take sachet no1, and after cottage cheese for lunch, I take sachet no2...resulting in some distressing to-ing and fro-ing to the bathroom. By the close of day I shall have an exceedingly sore bot, and feel just a wee bit grim. At 8am on Monday, we set off for hospital in Oban. I then have a colonoscopy...after which, I'm given a cup of tea and a biscuit. If all goes well, we'll then do a Tesco shop, and have some lunch. Nice! Been through this procedure before, so know what to expect. Following Friday, weather permitting, we go to Gartnaval hospital in Glasgow for a second procedure. Early January we return to RA hospital in Paisley for the third and final procedure. In March, back to RA to be told results of tests and whether or not anything can be done to fix the problem that has blighted my life for far too long.
If you do not hear from me for a wee while, it is not because I've forgotten you. Far from it smile

bagitha Sat 10-Dec-11 12:50:23

I think my grandson's word "boggaday!" is apt here, super! I'll be thinking of you but will blot out the bog scenes. wink

And I hope something can be done to solve the problem too! xx

granto7 Sat 10-Dec-11 12:53:41

Oh Supernana I am so sorry you are having to have tests, they sound as though the sooner they are finished the better. Will be thinking about you .. good luck on Monday...Warm wishes thanks

supernana Sat 10-Dec-11 12:53:42

thanks bagitha your grandson's word makes me grin x

Annobel Sat 10-Dec-11 13:01:42

So many tests and so many hospitals. What a lot of traipsing around and how miserable for you,*super*. I hope they can do something for you and that it won't be long before you know what is happening. thanks

harrigran Sat 10-Dec-11 13:04:19

Hugs and sympathy supernana
My sister had major problems for years ending in a fistula that has taken so many procedures in an attempt to get some relief. Every time she had to go through the Picalax taking she would say the world was falling out of her bottom. I used to spend a lot of time with her post op and have found that analgesia is a lot better now, at one time she used to be in great distress.

supernana Sat 10-Dec-11 13:12:44

Thank you Annobel. The traipsing is tiresome because it's a 250 mile round trip to Glasgow. We've been told that we may claim 15p per mile on a journey over 40 miles. Hospital in Campbeltown is only a 46 mile round trip but it doesn't carry out the procedures that I'm to have. Good thing is that by March I should have some answers. I've been putting off hoped-for remedial matters for far too long. Time to get myself sorted in order to enjoy life to the full.

supernana Sat 10-Dec-11 13:15:22

harri...bless your sister. She has aptly described matters...

kittylester Sat 10-Dec-11 13:56:39

Good luck supernana - hope things get sorted out for you soon. thanks

Ariadne Sat 10-Dec-11 16:15:42

Thinking of you, dear Supernana I have taken the beautiful picture you painted, of my grand dog, to be framed. When it's done, I'll take a photo and send it to you. (((Hugs)))

Annobel Sat 10-Dec-11 16:21:58

15p per mile! What's that supposed to cover? In other rural areas, consultants come out to local clinics. Don't they do that at all in the wild west of Scotland? I wonder what mileage consultants would claim if they were obliged to come out to patients!!

rosienanna Sat 10-Dec-11 16:26:30

Hugs from me too Supernana x
i have had it twice too! i remember just peeking at the guy who was turning me around on the table and thinking...oh my what a 'dish' he is....then closing my eyes VERY tightly....

Butternut Sat 10-Dec-11 16:33:31

Oh, dear * Supernana *- I'll definitely be thinking of you. All the very best, and do let us know how things go.

I shall look forward to a poem entitled "Boggaday" soon. wink!

Gally Sat 10-Dec-11 16:43:27

Hugs from me too Super smile thanks

supernana Sat 10-Dec-11 17:04:44

Gosh! I'm so lucky to have so many caring GN friends. It really is a great comfort to be able to giggle about such things as 'boggaday' and rosieanna's dishy doc. Last time, I had a dishy doc hold my hand throughout the 'rummaging'...he had a very sweet smile wink 'though, of course, I wasn't at my best, so he didn't ask for a date!
Ariadne I look forward to seeing a photo. That will most certainly cheer me.
Annobel the consultant who will do the business in Oban, is the same chappie who saw me in Campbeltown. The latter doesn't have the necessary gear and gubbins apparently. Must add, he is one of the most charming men in the NHS. (hugs) for you Gally and kittylester

numberplease Sat 10-Dec-11 17:07:33

I`ll be thinking of you Supernana, and hope all goes well for you, well enough for you to enjoy Christmas, at least. It`s a pity, like Annobel says, that the consultants can`t come to a local clinic to see you, the surgery at Muasdale would be fairly handy for you, and the staff there are lovely.

Seventimesfive Sat 10-Dec-11 17:08:46

Can I add my hugs and thanks too super. With unpleasant things I always try to think "this time tomorrow..." and it seems to help. Roll on the New Year and March!

nanachrissy Sat 10-Dec-11 17:11:10

Good luck Super it sounds very unpleasant. I hope they get to the bottom of the problem! grin (I'm sure you must have heard that a lot of times, so I apologise!!) (((Hugs))) xx