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I love Christmas!

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nanapug Sat 03-Dec-11 21:59:08

Thought I would start a thread to balance the one about hating Christmas. I do not apologise for the fact that I thoroughly enjoy all the commercialism, I sing along to all the Christmas songs on in the shops, I love going shopping, putting up the decorations, seeing the GCs faces when the house is decorated and when we go to visit santa, and I love watching them in their nativity plays. I can understand if people hate it because they have lost loved ones or have no one to share it with, and this may in time be the situation for me, but for the time being I love it. I do however believe there are a few "bah humbug" people out there. grin

jingl Sat 03-Dec-11 22:05:28

Nanapug, I was thinking exactly the same earlier today. I love it too. I love all the things you have mentioned, including the commercialisation!

And everything else about it.

So there! grin

jingl Sat 03-Dec-11 22:07:12

I can't wait for my aches and pains to ease off so I can hit the high street properly. (Well not hit it exactly iyswim)

Notsogrand Sat 03-Dec-11 22:08:08

nanapug I haven't been brave enough to start this thread, but I'm so glad you have! I absolutely love Christmas too! I love everything about it, just everything. I've had a brilliant day today with all sorts of cooking and other Christmas prep. Not long now! grin

Notsogrand Sat 03-Dec-11 22:10:26

I had a feeling you'd love it too jings! Fingers crossed for your aches & pains to ease off for you smile

jingl Sat 03-Dec-11 22:16:41

Thank you Notso. smile

Annika Sat 03-Dec-11 23:35:44

I also love christmas, I know it can be expensive but we have to remember keep to a budget its no good if you are still paying for this years christmas next year.
I always look forward to the christmas cards arriving , putting up the decs, and the excitement of our grandchidren, it shows in their faces
We dont need to be religious to love christmas. I dont think it matters as long as any of us can find a little peace and happiness at this time of year. That I believe is reason enough to love christmas hmm

grannyactivist Sun 04-Dec-11 00:02:01

Yesterday was Late Night Christmas Shopping in our small town; every year on the first Friday in December the local shops and offices stay open late and offer mince pies, mulled wine, chocolates etc. There are carollers roaming the streets and the Salvation Army Band plays; it's a wonderful occasion. As our contribution to the festivities a small group of Christians got together to produce a 'Nativity Experience'. A small hall was transformed into the streets of Nazareth and Bethlehem; there was a census taker, shepherds - and of course Mary, Joseph and Jesus (we had a real baby), and a storyteller. Last year we did the same thing and were astonished to have 126 visitors passing through, but last night word had spread and 220 people of all ages came to hear the real story of the first Christmas. It was wonderful and I felt privileged to be taking part and today, having got into the spirit of it, I've been doing Christmassy things. smilesmilesmile

Ariadne Sun 04-Dec-11 06:40:03

I love it too! One spare room is stacked with presents and wrapping paper (today's job) and the cards are waiting to be written - a job I love now but hated when I was working. Christmas drinks here next Sunday -do drop in! smile

Notsogrand Sun 04-Dec-11 09:24:52

See you next Sunday then Ariadne. Will bring a bottle of Pernod. grin

greenmossgiel Sun 04-Dec-11 10:07:31

I don't think I should have said that I really hate Christmas! I only dislike the commercialism that is flung in our faces too early - but I can live with it! I do quite like the Christmas songs being played in the shops and seeing the Salvation Army playing in the streets (seems just like last week that I last heard them, actually)! What I like also, is the fact that, although times are tough for so many, there is also a sense of 'kindness' in the air. Not everywhere and not everybody, of course - but amongst the hustle and bustle of it all, people are thinking of others, (even just with present buying), and not just themselves. smile

jingl Sun 04-Dec-11 10:24:03

Granny-a, I love those little Xmas evenings in small towns. We usually go over to Suffolk about now, where they do it very well, but haven't got round to it this year. Am missing it! smile

Annika Sun 04-Dec-11 10:47:37

Ariandne I will see you next Sunday will bring a bottle of white wine grin

glammanana Sun 04-Dec-11 10:56:16

I love going to all the celebrations in the near by Towns next week there is one similar to the one GA went to,held at The local Cottage Hospital and surrounding area,they are doing Christmas Carol Service on The Beach with all the school children and all the shops opening until 9pm.
All the presents are to be wrapped today and tomorrow and put in the correct bags so Santa will know where to drop off and just have to do some cooking for DS2 as he is known for his midnight snacking and I need to make sure he is stocked up with treats. smile

jaimsdesuja Tue 27-Dec-11 07:40:41

Message deleted by Gransnet.

bagitha Tue 27-Dec-11 07:46:42

Nice try. Not. You can go away now.

Nonu Sat 01-Dec-12 19:22:29

Sooo excited about Christmas , we have decorated today , tommorrow get the tree .

To have it here again will be lovely , lot of work , but heyho we will all pitch in . As we always have .

Off now for my date having moules mariniere , could it be better ?

[festive smile]

Ariadne Sat 01-Dec-12 22:01:38

I was bucket shaking at a Christmas Farmers' Market this morning; the town band was playing carols and it was a lovely crisp morning. Everyone was happy and smiling. Lovely.

jO5 Sat 01-Dec-12 22:04:05

We went to a Xmas fair today. But found it's not till tomorrow. So we went to the pub instead.

jO5 Sat 01-Dec-12 22:05:33

This is last year's thread!

Where did that year go??? confused

Ana Sat 01-Dec-12 22:07:59

I noticed that! I thought we had one for the year somewhere - probably way down the list now though hmm

Ana Sat 01-Dec-12 22:08:34

this year, I meant...

Notsogrand Sat 01-Dec-12 22:09:15

I drove across a very frosty New Forest at 8.30am with 2 very excited grandsons aged 4 and 6 ...... they were totally hyped because it's December 1st and were convinced it had snowed overnight! We sang Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer all the way back to my house. Pure Christmassy magic smile

jO5 Sat 01-Dec-12 22:37:49

Notso Sounds gorgeous!! smile

Notsogrand Sat 01-Dec-12 22:51:28

It was Jings, it's a lovely time of year with little ones. smile