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Hunt Wed 07-Dec-11 17:21:00

AIBU to expect the assisted travel service to work.I have tried to use it three times and on no occasion has it actually worked. I was able to work round the situation as I am not totally immobile but it would be nice to hear from some people for whom it has actually worked. Of the three times, one was for help with luggage as I knew the lifts were out of order and the other two were for help getting from the underground exit on a mainline station to a 'distant' platform.

kittylester Wed 07-Dec-11 20:00:45

It seems to, mostly, work well for our disabled son. Only once has he not been helped off the train at the allotted station but that time it was appalling. He was taken to the next station, in the middle of nowhere, and about 8 miles from where his father was waiting. The only offer they made to him was to wait 90 minutes to catch the next train back! Luckily, mobile phones have been invented (!!) and my husband drove to pick him up!!! When he complained a very half hearted apology was forthcoming. angry

jaimsdesuja Tue 27-Dec-11 07:27:33

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bagitha Tue 27-Dec-11 07:47:26

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