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Knock at the door

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Nsube Fri 09-Dec-11 23:00:59

Three days ago a house at the far end of our road appeared covered in large Santas, snowmen, lights and all sorts. It did not enhance the aesthetic, but, well, in the spirit of the season I tried not to flinch every time I walked past. This evening there came a knock at the door. Outside stood two of the stoutest young teenagers I had ever seen. They told me they were from the Christmas house and that they were collecting for charity. This modified my view of the house and I felt slightly guilty for my uncharitable thoughts. Then I enquired what the charity was. 'Oh' they said 'it's to send us to fat camp'.
For once I was speechless.

Oldgreymare Fri 09-Dec-11 23:48:54

Whatever next!

harrigran Sat 10-Dec-11 00:13:34

Dread to think, cheek for anything nowadays.

syberia Sat 10-Dec-11 07:02:41

For once I am speechless!!!!!!!!

Gally Sat 10-Dec-11 07:38:21

The cheek of it shock You should have asked if they had the appropriate permission from the local authority!!

susiecb Sat 10-Dec-11 08:01:56

Couldn't you give them a no return ticket to the fat camp?

kittylester Sat 10-Dec-11 09:16:31

angryshock - I really enjoyed putting the 'f's in that and would have put more if I could!!!

shysal Sat 10-Dec-11 09:33:08

Oh Nsube I laughed out loud ! Now I have heard everything! grin grin I don't like this grinning emoticon, but it seems to fit the bill.

JessM Sat 10-Dec-11 10:17:52

Oh dear. Parenting in the modern age requires people to visit new shores of creativity...

JessM Sat 10-Dec-11 10:18:38

What happened to carol singing... at least you got 2 lines of "we wish you a merry" when they demanded money on the door step

Annika Sat 10-Dec-11 11:05:43

Well you have to admire their nerve or were they just naive ?
Just when you get to a stage in life when you think you have heard it all !!
We haven't had carol singers for many years now, but the we are surrounded by families' of different faiths.

Annobel Sat 10-Dec-11 11:19:33

When I was first married, we live near Nottingham. As soon as Halloween and Guy Fawkes were over, the kids from the nearby estate tried it on with carol singing. I told them to come back at Christmas, but they never did.

glammanana Sat 10-Dec-11 11:25:59

What cheek !!! the cost of these outdoor decorations are really expensive so they could cover the cost of Fat Camp themselve's.Maybe passing them the odd apple and tangerine would put them on the right path,but they probably not know what fresh fruit was.

Annobel Sat 10-Dec-11 11:34:45

That's true glamma. I've often wondered if these people who festoon their houses with decorations and garish lights 'for charity' even cover the costs of the materials, not to mention the electricity they must burn. Is it an unworthy (ie snobbish) thought that the preponderance of these displays is in inverse proportion to the affluence of the district? confused

glammanana Sat 10-Dec-11 12:10:49

Annobel since we moved into our apartment we have had to downsize (how I hate that word) on everything so now we only put up a Christmas tree and some garlands across the cutains poles and small very sentimental bits about the lounge with the regulation holly wreath on the front door that does it for us as we have no children in the house but we are festive enough for when the DGCs come to visit.What I would have spent on extra decoration's goes by way of donation to Claire House Hospice when their appeal opens at the beginning of December for the Tree Light Appeal in memory of loved ones.

harrigran Sat 10-Dec-11 12:39:47

Without wishing to appear snobbish, I think you are right Annobel it is definitely the case in certain areas of our town.
Another observation about this time of year, the stories of thefts from under Christmas trees, start appearing from the beginning of December in the local evening paper. Parcels have been stolen and the parents are heartbroken because the children will not now be getting the computer, play station or whatever. I know Christmas is magical but how do colouring books transform into computers once they are wrapped in pretty paper and placed under the tree ?

Annobel Sat 10-Dec-11 12:46:36

During the war, Christmas trees were hard (or impossible) to come by. One of my earliest memories is of my father bringing in a big chunk of privet and decorating it. I think there were some lights left over from before the war, but of course they couldn't be allowed to show through any chink in the blackout. And if a bulb went there were no replacements available.

greenmossgiel Sat 10-Dec-11 16:11:51

Oh dear! I did have to laugh at that, Nsube! I have this picture in my mind of a couple of 'Vicky Pollards' standing on your doorstep! I know it's not really funny, but you can just imagine them getting ready to go out 'collecting' and deciding what they were going to say when the doors were opened to them! grinwink

rosienanna Sat 10-Dec-11 16:15:38

A bit of quick thinking on their part.. me thinks...
I laughed out loud too!