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Pennysue Sun 11-Dec-11 12:24:05

AIBU - DH has just spent 3 hours unblocking toilet. Some kind person had put a panty liner down the loo - hence blockage (first time in the 26 years we have lived here). I have put a "discreet" message "please do not put panty liners down the loo" on the cistern. Do you think this is ok? How many "it was not me" do you think we will get!

JessM Sun 11-Dec-11 12:36:49

I think that is fine as long as the tone is direct and up front. e.g. Our plumbing can't cope with panty liners, wipes etc. Please can you use the bin.
I can't stand notices that are overly polite and somehow slightly cutting e.g. "we would be obliged if guests would consider others...

kittylester Sun 11-Dec-11 12:39:34

I think that is fine. Make sure there is a bin too. smile

bagitha Sun 11-Dec-11 13:00:43

I've had a "NO PLASTIC down the loo" (bit more detail than that but that's the essential message) sign up for ages. You can't miss it when you're sitting on the loo as it's positioned right in front of you. We are not connected to the public sewer but have a natural soakaway that has worked for over 120 years. Don't want to foul it up with stuff that won't biodegrade easily. Nothing like making people face up to the difficult realities of plastic disposal, is there?!

Grannylin Sun 11-Dec-11 13:00:49

How about a 'holier than though' sign :This is a green household, please only flush loo paper!

bagitha Sun 11-Dec-11 13:04:19

grin Actually, mine is a bit like that, with a reference to the rule in yachts: "don't flush anything that hasn't been through you first! Loo paper is the exception."

Gally Sun 11-Dec-11 13:22:47

Baggy I had that on my loo at our wee hoose up north as we had a septic tank - it mainly worked.........blush

Pennysue Sun 11-Dec-11 14:37:28

Thanks everyone - glad I am not being unreasonable. I think I will change it to be similarly to Bagitha's 2nd suggestion because that made DH laugh!