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I'm hot he's cold?

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tanith Sun 18-Dec-11 13:09:20

This is an ongoing battle in our house, I open windows he wants them shut, I have the heating off (unless is freezing) during the day he wants it on all day.
Oh! my my hubby and I have this seesaw all weekend , during the week when he is at work its fine as I do as I please but the weekend comes and this good natured seesaw goes on all day.. I wonder how its going to pan out when he retires as sometimes I'm so hot in the house I have to go outside or for a walk, but he genuinely is freezing so I can't begrudge him having the heating on/windows closed..
Does anyone else have this body temp thing going on? Did you find a solution? that doesn't involve living in the garage!.. I manage if I'm on the computer by being upstairs and opening the windows while hubs is downstairs snug and warm..
I'll be interested to see if anyone's found a happy medium..

bagitha Tue 20-Dec-11 21:41:52

grin grin

Aye it is feeling a bit better, thank you. Have been less hefty with the inhaler than expected, which is always nice.

JessM Tue 20-Dec-11 17:51:15

Hope your chest is better. Lying around in gutters no good for it.

bagitha Tue 20-Dec-11 06:31:52

Thinking on't, I probably wouldn't have mentioned it face to face. But I would still have been surprised. Anyhow, I am suitable chastised. <crawls away to gutter>

bagitha Tue 20-Dec-11 06:28:12

Sorry, jess! I won't tease you again. I thought you had a thick hide and would get it. Oh wait....! confused

Print as opposed to face-to-face difficulties again.

Ariadne Mon 19-Dec-11 22:15:57

I'm the colder one; we have silent battles with the thermostat. Newish house, south facing etc.etc.

What really gets me is when I say "I'm a bit cold," and he says "No you're not." How does he think he knows???

bikergran Mon 19-Dec-11 21:28:10

oh oh.........spelling...oh don't take me there!!!! lol smile I keep asking for spellchecker on here hmm

tanith lol lol think there has been a topic on this somewhere to : opening windows whilst upstairs..and yes the usual "is there a window open up there"???? lol lol...

JessM Mon 19-Dec-11 21:24:46

Isn't there a special area of this site for pedants to get together? I've got a thick hide (you knew what I meant!) but some people might find it a bit upsetting if others pick up on things like spelling etc. What if they were dyslexic for example?

tanith Mon 19-Dec-11 21:12:02

bikergran you go girl!! I open the bedroom windows when he is down in the living room and he'll call up " is there a window open up there?" "No" comes my stern reply as I shut them up quietly, he'll no doubt find a reason to come upstairs in the next 5mins .smile

bikergran Mon 19-Dec-11 20:16:29

sometimes it's medication. Hubby is permanantly heating has hardly been off all summer! we live in a north/east facing house so gets very little sun...when he goes upstairs on stairlift I run in conservatory and swing door wide then when I hear him getting back on it to come down..I dash back and close it....(I have it timed quite nicely) grin then when he comes back down.he says "oh it's chilly in here" and does his "shiver" dance I just smile. smile

jeni Mon 19-Dec-11 20:10:17

Sorry bags you're both wrong! It should be" the muscle mass "

bagitha Mon 19-Dec-11 19:36:13

Pedant alert, jess! Number of muscles, amount of muscle, perlease! wink

yogagran Mon 19-Dec-11 16:26:58

Think my personal thermostat is broken sad

JessM Mon 19-Dec-11 15:37:56

Some are blessed with a better thermostat than others. Amount of muscles and general body shape does make a difference.

Joan Mon 19-Dec-11 13:02:24

We are in the sub-tropics and he always feels the need for cooling when I'm OK, then for heating in winter when I'm quite hot. I just get all peeved over the electric bills.

He thinks I'm just being a tight Yorkshire woman, but I genuinely don't need the heating or aircon anywhere near as much as he does.


tanith Mon 19-Dec-11 08:56:39

glammanana I'm glad its not just me I to have the bedroom radiator turned down as low as I can get away with DH says I'm abnormal too.. grin

NannaAnna 20* is really hot in our house but as Annobel has we had the walls insulated 2yrs ago and it did make a difference and we have double glazing too and no high ceilings , that must be difficult to combat..

Butternut arms and legs akimbo sounds very familiar to me smile

Thanks for all your differing views ladies...

JessM Mon 19-Dec-11 07:49:05

Around 20 is recommended for health if for inactive older people.
Good stuff annobel - there are still a few grants around. Many houses benefit from a "top up" as they were not insulated up to the maximum effective level.

NannaAnna Mon 19-Dec-11 00:59:43

tanith He 'whacks it up' to 20/21???
I'm sitting here in 5 layers with the thermostat on 22 and only just comfortably warm!
I guess so many factors come into play apart from our internal thermostats (like high ceilings and draughty single-glazed windows) that it will forever be an ongoing battle.

Annobel Sun 18-Dec-11 23:21:04

I thought I was warmer than usual this winter and wondered if there had been some change in me - until I remembered the extra insulation I had installed (free) in the loft! It really has made a difference.

glammanana Sun 18-Dec-11 23:14:22

My DH likes to be warm and will put on his dressing gown after dinner to get cosy on the sofa,I like the room to be cooler but he doesn't,I end up in t-shirt or go into bedroom where I have the heating switched off,he moans until he is warm in bed but I will not have the heating on in there I have even been known to have the ceiling fan on during the winter as I get so hot DH insists that I am not normal.

Learnergrandma Sun 18-Dec-11 22:40:04

Granny23 grin

Butternut Sun 18-Dec-11 14:45:42

We both 'layer' - which seems to work. We have oil central heating which is exorbitant, but also a wood burner, which more than does when we're too broke to turn it on. At night I am arms and legs akimbo, out, in, out of the duvet - fan on and off, hotties tossed aside or recovered, window opened and closed, electric blankets an unheard of luxury for my husband, and if my man wishes to leave the bed he may, but rarely does - but knows not to get too close! grin

tanith Sun 18-Dec-11 14:20:36

gracesmum I see what you mean wink he has thermals and wears them.

bagitha our living room is open plan so there is no way to just heat that one room and hubs is a cold morsel, his normal clothes in Winter are a longsleeved thermal vest , a fleecy shirt and a sweatshirt and this is in the house thermal leggings too if he's going outside.
Its not hot flushes I suffer with nowadays I'm just a warm person I usually wear a shirt and jeans in the house and a fleece rather than put the heating on and I'm quite comfy as I say unless its freezing outside in which case I'll have the heating on low around 16/17 , hubs whacks that up to 20/21 when he's in the house though..

Granny23 you made me smile

As I say its good natured but its an ongoing bone of contention between us.
I guess I just have to be the one to cavort around in next to nothing , hubs might actually approve of that..wink

Granny23 Sun 18-Dec-11 13:47:05

We used to have this problem big time, with DH being the HOT one and me alternating between freezing and having hot flushes. Since the hot flush episodes have become rare and DH's high blood pressure has been brought under control we are now both permanently frozen and the heating bills have soared.

Many are cauld, but few are frozen - to coin a phrase.

JessM Sun 18-Dec-11 13:45:15

Your solution sounds expensive in terms of his heated air whisking out of your windows. Can you not come to a compromise in terms of clothing? Or is he one of those chaps that thinks its his birthright to swan around the house in a T shirt whatever the season (like my DSs).
I feel the cold. But today I have not turned the heating on (it goes off about 9am if i dont) cos I am wearing merino leggings, fleecy trousers, thermal vest and 2 thin but warmish tops.
The other questions are - what are you wearing? and why are you feeling so hot and bothered?

gracesmum Sun 18-Dec-11 13:25:00

Well, this one raised my eyebrows until I read on...... wink
Have you tried investing in thermals for him?