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UKBA (Customs) Targeting the elderly at Airports

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Muggedagain Wed 21-Dec-11 10:49:22

It would seem the UKBA (Customs) are targetng the senior citizens at Marine ports and Airports, The concept is the elderly are easy to intimidate, They have poor memory and they could well be dead before any appeal is heard or the case comes before a civil court (Usually 2 years after the seizure).
If they take even a small amount of legally purchased goods from an old person, And that person has their car (even a Motobility car) at the Airport or Sea port car park they will seize the car as well, The elderly victim can moan all they like, But will eventually be turfed out on the street, by force if necessary, Rain.hail, snow or full blown blizzard, It maters not to the Thugs of the UKBA.
Read an old mans struggle for JUSTICE

UKBA will get the most expensive solicitors money can buy, The Elderly won't even get LEGAL AID


jingl Fri 23-Dec-11 22:37:45

Night night jess. x

(it's all a bit of fun, innit?! smile)

JessM Fri 23-Dec-11 22:34:30

it's just a saying Jingl like "aw shucks" or "that's life" a bit stronger than "c'est la vie" because it implies... well to use a cooking saying - that you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette. Potato omelettes maybe.

night night jingle

jingl Fri 23-Dec-11 22:18:10

It's not me who needs to keep up yoga!!! hmm

jingl Fri 23-Dec-11 22:16:38

And Jess! I googled c'est la guerre. It means "that's the war".

So - what's that got to do with the price of potatoes??!!! confused

olliesgran Fri 23-Dec-11 22:07:30

This sounds more and more like a parallel universe! Enough of the wine ladies!!!confused

yogagran Fri 23-Dec-11 22:02:31

You've just got to keep up jingl grin

jingl Fri 23-Dec-11 21:52:41

Are there two threads going on here? Or three? Or what?! hmm

And why does Geraldine think this is normal? confused

grannyactivist Fri 23-Dec-11 21:50:12

Having had only a limited time on GN for a few days I ignored this thread after reading the first few messages and now find that as I live in the land of postal clotted cream I can contribute happily after all. (jubilant emoticon) There are several shopkeepers (remember those?) where I live that are happy to send the said item through the post - and it's delicious!

jingl Fri 23-Dec-11 21:47:33

Oh, there's no c in shock, is there?!

jingl Fri 23-Dec-11 21:46:58

Waddya mean "her usual winding"?!!!!!!!!

I'm innocent 'ere! [fschock]

jingl Fri 23-Dec-11 21:45:27

This is getting too bl---y complicated now!!!! grin

Trust that Baggy. hmm

yogagran Fri 23-Dec-11 21:39:08

'elf & safety...

You used to post bits of wedding cake to those unable to get to the actual day. I came home one day to find a tiny corner of silver cardboard box on the hall floor and the dog had eaten both the cake and most of the box. Silly boy - if only he's finished the whole box I'd never have known!

Greatnan Fri 23-Dec-11 21:33:56

Lovely diversionary tactic, yoga! I'll bet the cream wouldn't be very fresh if you sent it through through the post now.

yogagran Fri 23-Dec-11 21:31:18

Faye do you remember when you could send clotted cream through the post in the "olden days" in those little round tins. Lovely surprise when it dropped through the letterbox

em Fri 23-Dec-11 21:26:59

A sober Christmas Grannylin that really is a surreal concept

Grannylin Fri 23-Dec-11 20:52:22

This is going into the realms of the surreal now!Please, please stop offering the wine wine can't face it after the hangover hell. Been drinking ginger beer today,think I might have the first sober Christmas!sad

JessM Fri 23-Dec-11 20:44:38

It did sound rather as if you were implying that one of the regulars was being very naughty. I don't think you did mean that did you?

bagitha Fri 23-Dec-11 20:33:28

Not a wind up. Just noticed the OP of this thread was the same as the OP of the thread that got deleted (before which, one of super's posts got deleted from it) and suspected trouble so kept away. Then I noticed this one kept going and had names that I knew on it so came and had a look. I thought jing's comment was her usual winding. I think I better stop now and duck quick!

em Fri 23-Dec-11 20:29:39

Reread your 14.32 post and thought there was just a tiny but of teasing going on! 'I know who it was etc'. Wind-up or perfectly innocent comments?

bagitha Fri 23-Dec-11 20:23:04

Er.... what?

em Fri 23-Dec-11 19:51:46

Bagitha !! I never ever thought I'd be shocked at YOU !! Big spoon? Stirring? Just as we were finally ignoring Mr Nasty, in you come, dangling a carrot at Jingl et al, dropping very unsubtle hints, involving Carol, confusing Gally even more and inviting further questions!!

Faye Fri 23-Dec-11 19:22:56

mmm these scones are really delicious Carol did you say wine it's a bit early for me Gally well if you insist. smile

Gally Fri 23-Dec-11 19:19:31

I have been reading all these threads - buy I am totally befuddled hmm Just as well it's come to an end maybe so back to the wine

Faye Fri 23-Dec-11 19:18:51

Did I hear clotted cream mentioned and scones...mmm I have not had clotted cream since I was in Devonshire in 1980 sad. mmm how nice thank you Carol. It's 6.15am here and I have been awake for yonks and have dear little GD asleep on my bed while D2 gets a bit of sleep. Bubs is six weeks old today and very very sweet, just a bit windy at night. I do feel very blessed! smile

jingl Fri 23-Dec-11 18:58:18


I really wanna know!!!