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Just to say "hello" have a lovely Christmas to those who lurk but do not./cannot! post anymore..

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bikergran Sat 24-Dec-11 15:10:49

I'm sure there may be a few lurkers who just perhaps, sit in a corner nice and quietly and read the posts but do not feel like they want to post..and perhaps also anyone that has had to leave confused for one reason and another but still pop in! to have a look to see whats going on smile


tanith Sat 24-Dec-11 15:20:19

and to you bikergran.. hope all our Gransnetters have a wonderful Christmas and healthy and peaceful New Year..

Ariadne Sat 24-Dec-11 17:05:41

To a particular someone who I hope isn't feeling grumpy, love and (((hugs)))

greenmossgiel Sat 24-Dec-11 17:08:59

Ariadne - she knows who she is....have a lovely Christmas, the lady who is 'Grumpynomore'. thanksthanks

curlynana Sat 24-Dec-11 17:43:14

Merry Christmas everybody - I'm a 'lurker'. Love to read all the posts and log on practically every day, I love Gransnet!

Gally Sat 24-Dec-11 17:58:30

nannym New Year's Resolution - must post more often! Happy Christmas grin

jingl Sat 24-Dec-11 18:05:08

Hope you post soon curlynana. Love to hear from you. x

glammanana Sat 24-Dec-11 20:18:16

jingl how did you know I was sitting in the corner ? I've moved my workspace into the corner of bedroom by a nice bucket chair and DH has just said I look like "little jack horner" then I read your post spooky lol smile

bikergran Sat 24-Dec-11 20:22:55


bikergran Sat 24-Dec-11 20:23:28

I just felt like sending a grin

glammanana Sat 24-Dec-11 20:26:07

Thanks grin grin grin

glammanana Sat 24-Dec-11 20:27:23

'tis the season to be jolly (or is that silly) confused

bikergran Sat 24-Dec-11 20:33:50

Well!! I am halfway though a BIG glass of mulled wine grin not quite sure if I like it yet! will have to see when I reach the bottom of the glass gringringringringrinhichmmgringrinhic[confused hic!winewine

nanachrissy Sat 24-Dec-11 22:02:11

Biker I hope you're not biking anywhere tonight!! wink

pompa Sat 24-Dec-11 22:07:53

Just got back from Midnight Mas, in the mood for Christmas now.

Wishing all Gransnetters and their families a very happy and peaceful Christmas & New Year.

glassortwo Sat 24-Dec-11 22:23:42

Best wishes to you, mrs Pompa and all the family, have good Christmas.

jingl Sat 24-Dec-11 22:27:26

Pissed already, the lot of 'em. hmm

Happy Christmas to all old soaks everywhere. grin


glassortwo Sat 24-Dec-11 22:30:05

jingle and I have only had one. grin

bikergran Sat 24-Dec-11 22:45:21

nanachrissy ho! ho! ho! nooooooooo bike all tucked up in bed,,which is where I will be in 2 mins..have a lovely night all ....goodnight sleep well...grinthanks

Ariadne Sat 24-Dec-11 23:07:13

Night night!xxxx

Annika Sat 24-Dec-11 23:24:02

Night night everyone .Merry christmas ,those of you that do not post come and join us for the new year grin

MaggieP Sun 25-Dec-11 00:01:08

Finally in bed, kids presents everywhere with adults stuff in between!
Lovely boozy evening with both sets of Grandparents, doesn't happen very often.
Happy Christmas to you all, have a lovely day tomorrow and look forward to many more chats again soon.
Night night too.

mickey Sun 25-Dec-11 18:11:06

Merry Chriistmas everyone-so full I could not eat any tea after my ginormous dinner and chocolates. I had a 1 hr walk after as well-oh and too much wine-so himself had to make the tea. Will now settle for a nights tele viewing-bet I GO TO SLEEP.

granzilla Sun 25-Dec-11 19:39:23

Sorry to post so late Bikergran but guests have only just gone.Merry Christmas to you and to all of my cybergran friends.Lots of festive love and hope for a lovely new year. Gz. x

bikergran Sun 25-Dec-11 20:14:44

granzilla grin wine cheers! smile