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to say night godbless all gnetters

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granto7 Mon 26-Dec-11 23:01:59

Night all

nanapug Tue 27-Dec-11 16:30:03

Hope you slept well granto. (Thought I had better respond to this thread or you would have remained in the unanswered bit for ever!!!)

greenmossgiel Tue 27-Dec-11 16:37:50

granto7 - I just read that as 'gobless' gnetters! That's one thing we'll never be! Night-night (belatedly)! grin

Gally Tue 27-Dec-11 16:45:22

Strange how the eye sees one thing and the brain another : I always read mrshat as something else - sorry mrshat I thought at first you were a Mr!! There's a company locally which is called Shopfitting and I always read it as 'Shoplifting' grin

greenmossgiel Tue 27-Dec-11 16:50:55

Gally - I always read 'shopfitters' as 'shoplifters' as well! And also, mrshat....sorry! blush

glammanana Tue 27-Dec-11 16:59:18

Pardon me mrshat thanks

glassortwo Tue 27-Dec-11 18:52:54

Thought it was my eyes grin

Greatnan Tue 27-Dec-11 21:12:21

I'm not sure why saying 'Night Godbless' could be seen as being unreasonable. Although I don't share a belief in any god, it doesn't bother me a bit if someone wants to call upon their own god to bless me. I am not keen on being told that someone will pray for me, though!

Joan Wed 28-Dec-11 04:30:48

I don't say it, but don't mind it being said to me. It is probably better than my various variations on 'Nighty Night, hope the fleas don't bite....'

And I'm another that read it as gobless!! And another who reads shopfitter and shoplifter.

When my husband ran a camera shop I thought he was into foreign pornography, till I read the title again ; 'A celebration of Russian Photography'. Pity I was wrong, really, because my imagination about cold war Russian porno was going wild.....

Greatnan Wed 28-Dec-11 06:29:25

I was singing 'There's a pawn shop on the corner, in Pittsburgh.....' and my GD was shocked!

Joan Wed 28-Dec-11 08:15:14


Do you remember that porno films when we were young were called 'blue films'?

Someone in the cycling club I belonged to in my early teens got a blue film and the older cyclists all went to watch it. I tried my best to get a chance to see it, but no way did anyone let me near. All I wanted was to find out what all the fuss was about, without actually doing anything.

Nowadays, of course, they have the net.

Elegran Wed 28-Dec-11 10:44:27

Greatnan When DH was at Uni, the Forestry Department lot put on a dance that they called The Hewers' Ball. When DH mentioned that he was going to it, his parents nearly had a fit.

greenmossgiel Wed 28-Dec-11 11:17:44

'Night-night, God bless - see you in the morning', was always said to me by my mother at bedtime. I also said it to my children and grandchildren when they were young. Like Greatnan commented, it could be anyone's perception of who/what their god is. Also, I wouldn't like to be told that someone was going to pray for me, either.
When my daughter worked nights my granddaughters used to stay overnight with me. They used to love me to read long stories to them, and one night I picked up 'The Bad Fairy Book' (my daughter had bought it for me some time before). On starting the next chapter, I was reading away happily and discovered that what I was reading aloud to my 10 and 11-year-old granddaughters was actually quite explicitly described 'petting' between 'faeries' and wood nymphs! I managed to substitute some of the wording and tell them it was time to settle down to sleep - hence once more, a quick...'Night-night, God bless - see you in the morning!!' blush

kittylester Wed 28-Dec-11 11:23:10

We say "Night night, see you in the morning, love you!" smile