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Just off to make a homebaked roast ham sandwich with cranberries, anyone else fancy one?

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bikergran Wed 28-Dec-11 19:26:36

will be on grannery bread cut into triangles with crusts removed..
not sure what drink to have with it yet!
white wine
red wine
or brew

gracesmum Wed 28-Dec-11 19:31:08

Sounds lovely - especially with the crusts removed, yes please! Our ham is going to be served with fried egg and oven chips tonight - a post-Christmas favourite!

glammanana Wed 28-Dec-11 20:10:42

biker has no one told you crusts give you curly hair !! lol. but they sound delicious would go nice with a nice red wine full bodied something like myself.

bikergran Wed 28-Dec-11 20:18:31

curly hair hmm ok will leave crusts on......eaten my butty..with a glass of Asti Spumanti..... will leave the rest of the butties on the silver plate at the side of the fridge, covered in clingfilm (just help yourselves) theres red/white wine the glasses are on te tray ...enjoy smile

glammanana Wed 28-Dec-11 20:27:25

Many thanks biker will enjoy the wine but may make a brew just luv a nice brew

bikergran Wed 28-Dec-11 21:09:24

ohhhhh yes forgot!! tut! where are my manners..
tea yes! well you will find a selection inn the tea canister
coffee! well there is ground coffee in the perculator bubbling away,
in the jar, you will find latte etc and the frother is just to the side.
cups in the cuboard and various milks/cream in the door of the fridge.

Got to pop out and check the wind!! now..its almost like mini tornados here!!

Carol Wed 28-Dec-11 21:13:11

Thanks bikergran just what I need with my glass of wine x

Faye Wed 28-Dec-11 22:07:10

Could I have cup of tea please biker I am having toast and home made marmalade for breakfast. brew

Is it just me or does home made anything always taste better?

grannyactivist Wed 28-Dec-11 22:51:54

If you're removing the crusts, please save them for Bagitha as I know she's rather partial to a bit of crust. wink
Had the remains of our ham in the Christmas soup. Yummy.

Ariadne Wed 28-Dec-11 23:25:22

Do you have any Brie that I could have with the cranberries, please? I'm a veggie but I'd love a nice sandwich. And a wine would go down a treat. Thank you! Only had a large curry this evening, followed by raspberry pavlova (I am now with the last lot of the family in CHeltenham) Cheers!

bikergran Thu 29-Dec-11 09:40:16

have now added a large cheese board with a variety of crackers, and also selection of pate's...............just help your selves everyone and enjoy..theres games going on in the big room and quiet music in the background in the conservatory.plenty of comfy seating and floor cushions...just chill..and

PLEASE NOTE! do be gentle with my inflatable friends! (yes I have a new one!! I got him for Christmas) grin

Annobel Thu 29-Dec-11 09:52:52

Oh,*biker*, don't tempt me. As a veggie I could resist the ham, but mention a cheeseboard and I go weak at the knees - might even start salivating. Hello to the inflatable friends. I wonder what adventures we shall have in store in 2012. Visit the inflatable Olympics, perhaps?

glammanana Thu 29-Dec-11 18:20:29

Hetbiker what are we having for supper to-night please? last night was scrummie smile I would entertain myself but only have a small kitchen but I can send over some scouse and beetroot for a hot snack if you fancy some.

glammanana Thu 29-Dec-11 18:21:57

should read hey,pressed that t instead,it jumped in the way.

bikergran Thu 29-Dec-11 21:12:28

scouse beetrooT hmm sounds interesting...tell me more?
tonights super hmm only left overs from last night sorry....although there is plenty of chicken left..for chicken butties and rasberry swirl cheescake.. after 8 mints. smile

glassortwo Thu 29-Dec-11 21:19:43

Ohh I love beetroot.

bikergran Thu 29-Dec-11 21:28:14

went to a greek buffet and they mixed chopped beetroot up with grated cheese mmmmmmm was lovely.. (@) (@) <----- (biker gran has gone to look for BIG jar of beetroot that she bought for Christmas and Catherdral city cheese......-> -> hmm

bikergran Thu 29-Dec-11 21:29:11

dohhh was meant to be (@) (@) (eyes) grin