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Nanban Thu 12-Jan-12 18:39:53

Our nephew, father of 2 very young children, is terminally ill and they have a carer in to help out - until - his wife spotted her emptying his urine bottle into the kitchen sink, rinsing the bottle, and giving it and the sink a wipe with the dishcloth! It is any wonder that the health service is in a dire state.

Anne58 Thu 12-Jan-12 18:43:44

That is disgusting! I hope she reported it.

You will probably find that the service is contracted out, in which case even more important that it is reported.

Annobel Thu 12-Jan-12 19:16:32

On this subject, please read my new thread about the Crisis in Care e-petition.

jeni Thu 12-Jan-12 20:02:14

How do I find it (remember I'm new)

bikergran Thu 12-Jan-12 20:18:18

Nanban that is very poor care, if she/he is doing that, then what else may they be doing!! think it needs a word in the right ear!..hope you soon sorted ...

Annobel Thu 12-Jan-12 21:02:24

jeni go to top of the page and click on Forums, then look for e-petitions and open that. You'll find the care one there.

Mishap Thu 12-Jan-12 22:24:27

Heavens above! - don't rate that as good care. But - tread carefully - she may be warm and caring and the patient himself may get on really well with her - might be a more valuable attribute under the circumstances than a strict adherence to hygiene.

sandra Fri 13-Jan-12 10:16:07


susiecb Fri 13-Jan-12 11:01:42

Well I'm not surprised i've seen some real horrors. You must report it though and if it was in my own home I would be correcting the individual - please or offend!!

susiecb Sat 14-Jan-12 09:18:36

I meant to say what I would also do is put down what you have seen in the notes the carers leave in the house I would also keep a diary of the care given myself. Its always good to have a written record of these things.

Twobabes Sat 14-Jan-12 11:15:15

susie putting it in the book is such a good idea, and keeping your own brief notes.

Some carers are truly caring and skilful people being paid appallingly for the good job they do. Others work at a level that matches the pay and conditions.

Mishap is right - a carer, male or female, who is warm and kind and who has a warm relationship with the patient is a true find. If putting it in the book might lead to losing or offending that person, I think I'd stay my hand and just make a friendly request.

This is written in the light of experience. My father had two carers four times a day for five years, sometimes eight different carers in a day. We saw a lot of carers!

harrigran Sat 14-Jan-12 22:43:10

Sometimes one has to tell. I once found the DD of a friend left in her pushchair in a car park. The child has a serious heart condition and the carer had left her outside in -2 degrees while she visited a friend. I rang the child's parents who lived quite close and the father came and collected the child and reported the carer. I was upset because the child could not talk so could never tell what had happened. The carer was dismissed. I later found out that she would smoke whilst looking after the child, the poor child was on oxygen and did not need the extra discomfort.

Tosh Sun 15-Jan-12 00:04:01

These sort of stories make me even more determined to look after my hubby myself as long as I am able.
Not everyone has to put their husband on a ventilator every night at bedtime...but I know exactly how tight he needs the straps, the position of his bed and pillow and having everything in reach.
I would find it so stressful to have a carer coming in who didn't care as much as I do......I do everything with love and because I want to ..not because I HAVE to or am getting paid to do it.
I only hope I keep well enough to continue .

harrigran Sun 15-Jan-12 00:18:49

((( hugs ))) Tosh

Annobel Sun 15-Jan-12 09:27:17

Tosh thanks. Don't hesitate to accept some help, however independent you are. Getting a bit of help doesn't mean that you are handing over all the care to someone else. You need to care for yourself as well. (((((hugs)))))

Tosh Sun 15-Jan-12 10:56:21

Thank you Annobel x I will when I can no longer physically move him.
Where is the 'training' for us Home carers ?
Surely that would be a good use of public money.
Funny how the OT and Physio always bring a nurse with them for physical help !!....Elf & Safety and all that....but stuff the poor carer who has to manage on her/his own. !!!

Faye Sun 15-Jan-12 11:10:48

Tosh thanks

bikergran Sun 15-Jan-12 11:12:57

Tosh take care smile