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Do you? ever have "Shirley Valentine" moments? lol

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bikergran Sat 14-Jan-12 21:21:52

Every so often I do! although not as much latley (think that must be good) lol
I have a friend and now and again when things used to pile up! I used to txt her and say I am having a" Shirley Valetine" moment grin in fact I really fancy watching the film again as it must be at least 10 yrs since I saw it..
I seem to remember a plate of egg and chips being on the menu because it was a certain day, and thats what the hubby had on that! day ....! must go and dig it out ..

Greatnan Sat 14-Jan-12 21:50:31

I loved that film and really identified with Shirley - except I actually did it!

numberplease Sat 14-Jan-12 22:06:33

I`ve been tempted, often, but never had the courage to go ahead with it!

glammanana Sat 14-Jan-12 23:08:01

Every time I think of Shirley Valentine I remember the blood hound scene Shirley saying "its not normal to have a vegitarian blood hound" then give's the poor hungry dog the hubby's steak,that was the night he got chips & egg on the wrong night,priceless

JessM Sun 15-Jan-12 09:09:44

It was a brilliant film. Has to be somewhere on the Gransnet Top Twenty films doesn't it.
Havent been to Greece for ages. Poor Greece. I miss it.

bikergran Sun 15-Jan-12 09:25:31

Greatnan yes ! you certainly did lol.. what adventures you have had and we have prob only heard a tad few of them smile carry on enjoying and hope you have many many more adventures to come smile

bikergran Sun 15-Jan-12 09:29:33

hmm now wants the house to oneself, to go and get the DVD bag of popcorn, curtains closed and get comfy on the sofa (do not disturb sign on the door) and sit down and enjoy the then ! where can I put DH! grin in fact....think I will make it a full day grin
Mamamia, Billy Elliot, Full monty, Shirley Valentine, yes I know all cheesy films..but we all need a bit of cheese now and then lol..

susiecb Sun 15-Jan-12 10:30:44

Oh yes and very ready for another Shirley Valentine experience!

Gally Sun 15-Jan-12 11:07:19

I quite often take a mini Shirley Valentine experience; I get in the car, drive south and stay with various family and friends wink for a week or so and return somewhat invigorated grin

supernana Sun 15-Jan-12 12:09:49

Gally grin

crimson Sun 15-Jan-12 12:43:28

Not so much now, but happened all the time when I was in an unhappy marriage. Did a lot of talking to walls in those days! Wonderful film/stage play.

glammanana Sun 15-Jan-12 13:12:44

I've a feeling all of us at one time or another can relate to Shirley Valentine can't we.

greenmossgiel Sun 15-Jan-12 16:43:10

Oh yes.....,*glammanana*, most

johanna Mon 16-Jan-12 18:07:50

* Glammanana *
All The Time.!.......

chadsky Sat 04-Feb-12 16:48:18

Crimson I did as well - eventually I got out - I loved the film and the play it changed my life then - my favorite comment is " marrige is like the middle east, there is no solution" I so felt like that at the time smile

crimson Sat 04-Feb-12 19:37:25

Yes; I couldn't see a way out without hurting a lot of people, which I wouldn't do. Most relationshipes only make sense when you're no longer in them imo! And I always blamed myself.