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tubbygran Mon 30-Jan-12 15:31:35

I love reading the forum messages, but I'm new to it and don't know what the abbreviations mean. Help please!

absentgrana Mon 30-Jan-12 15:36:34

tubbygran Lots of us had that problem when we first joined gransnet and quite a few of us don't use them any way. They are fairly obvious when you get to grips with the first few:
DH dear husband
DS dear son
DD dear daughter
DGC dear grandchild
DGS/DGG dear grandson/daughter
SIL son-in-law or sister-in-law depending on context
DIL daughter-in-law
MIL mother-in-law
and so on.
Some gransnetters refer to their husbands/partners as OG – old geezer.

Welcome to gransnet. I hope you enjoy being with us.

Notsogrand Mon 30-Jan-12 15:37:55

Hello tubbygran. Most of the abbreviations refer to relatives so:
DD is Dear or Darling Daughter
DS for Son, DGC for Grandchildren and so on.
DH is Darling Husband, but some posters prefer OG - Old Geezer!!

Nice to meet you. smile

Notsogrand Mon 30-Jan-12 15:38:30

We need traffic lights absent!

tubbygran Mon 30-Jan-12 17:17:58

Thank you. Everything is clear now and I'm sure that I'll enjoy the Forums even more. What a lovely friendly lot you are!

Ariadne Mon 30-Jan-12 18:24:08

Hello tubbygran Nice to meet you! smile

Annobel Mon 30-Jan-12 18:38:11

Good to have you on board, tubbygran. Glad you've spotted that we're friendly - occasionally slightly nutty, but invariably supportive. You'll love it.

harrigran Mon 30-Jan-12 19:01:39

Hello tubbygran you will enjoy being here smile

jeni Mon 30-Jan-12 19:08:08

What do you mean occasionally. Well come tubbygran.

gracesmum Mon 30-Jan-12 19:36:44

gringringrin Slightly nutty- who us?

bagitha Mon 30-Jan-12 19:43:07

Welcome to GN (gransnet), tubbygran. smile

Carol Mon 30-Jan-12 20:22:15

Welcome tubbygran you've joined during a sensible period - if you'd turned up during the virtual Christmas Panto you might have turned tail and disappeared!! Watch out for the next impromptu party - great fun! x

greenmossgiel Mon 30-Jan-12 20:24:41

Hello tubbygran - lovely to meet you! You'll soon settle in! smile

Nanban Mon 30-Jan-12 20:47:57

I think it's completely lovely that everyone is welcomed in such a nice way - completely unlike Mumsnet!!!! Today's generation of Us seem so aggressive and pushy - there's a lot to be said for the 'do as you would be done by' saying. Well done you nice lot.

Carol Mon 30-Jan-12 21:17:19

What a lovely compliment nanban!

kittylester Tue 31-Jan-12 09:22:51

Hi tubbygran and welcome. I don't use the abbreviations at all as I find they get in the way when reading a post as I have to pause and work out some of the more obscure ones. Before anyone says anything - maybe I'm just a bit slow! grin

Carol Tue 31-Jan-12 09:38:46

Me too, kitty. I struggle to differentiate between all those abbreviations. Same as when I text - I still want the spelling and grammar to be right LOL!!

Yummygran Tue 31-Jan-12 10:49:56

Haha...I thought I was the only one who takes an age to text because punctuation and grammar has to be correct! My kids think I'm crazy. grin

em Tue 31-Jan-12 10:57:05

Yummygran my family would agree with yours but I say that my texts are always immediately understandable. I also make a point of proof-reading as predictive text can produce some odd ideas. A few weeks ago I missed one mistake and told my daughter I was on my way and had just got on the cup!

A friend pointed out that I am the only person she knows who also texts in paragraphs!

em Tue 31-Jan-12 10:58:23

Sorry Tubbygran I also meant to say it's good to have you and I look forward to 'getting to know you'.

Yummygran Tue 31-Jan-12 12:24:33

Yes, welcome Tubbygran, I'm new to the site too and feel I have made new 'friends', or should I say 'cyber-friends', and recently been given some very sound advice and lots of support. thanks

Nonu Wed 01-Feb-12 14:27:55

I am new to mn and after a few teething problems am finding it quite a lot of fun and rewarding also. long may it continue

Carol Wed 01-Feb-12 14:34:35

Hello Nonu I hope you enjoy being on Gransnet, or did you mean to go on Mumsnet (mn)?

Nonu Wed 01-Feb-12 14:43:51

thanks for your good wishes carol, no I meant to be on gransnet as I am probably may not enjoy some of the attitudes on mumsnet judging by the comments i"ve read from other grannetters

GoldenGran Wed 01-Feb-12 15:07:20

Welcome tubbygran and *Nonu. Am I alone in not having been anywhere near Mumsnet, should I give it a try or a wide birth?